Countertop trends in 2019 appear to be moving right along in the classic tradition as those looks have remained mainstays in the countertop market. Quartz, granite, marble and even wood never seem to fall out of favor or reach the point of being declared passé. Innovative materials and countertop accessorizing updates from bygone days have also entered the scene. So from the past and present, what are the most popular countertops today?


Quartz has steadily moved up the hierarchy in countertop choices. It has gained considerable popularity mostly because of its ageless and classic look as well as its durability, hard surface and minimal maintenance requirements. Quartz’s affinity with marble has made it a likely substitute material for marble, as it is a less costly material investment. Quartz namesakes are Silestone and Caesarstone which contain elegant alternative choices to marble.


Believe it or not, the butcher block look from years ago has had a comeback with countertop use and even repurposed or weathered wood has worked its way into countertop designs. Wood adds a look of warmth to any kitchen area and coordinates well with white or lighter toned cabinets.

Granite–of a Different Finish

Granite has remained a holdover standard with countertop choices but the shiny and polished surfaces of yesteryear have been replaced with a flatter or matte granite look. These newer surface finishes have edged out earlier granite selections from 15 and 20 years ago. This understated look is a more popular choice in granite countertops. Their application is in tune with more rustic, industrialized and country style home designs.


Concrete is another countertop choice that has made a name for itself in modern 2019 kitchen design. It is a good, budget-friendly choice for a minimalist, modern or industrial type of countertop. It can be paired with almost any type of backsplash and fixtures, and it can be easily integrated with most any chosen design theme.

Earthy Color

Countertops that are created in earth tone ranges are going to be part of a 2019 trend. Organic and rich colors in brown, grey, washed out blue and even black will be colors to use for countertops whether in laminates, tile pieces, quartz or even painted wood. Pops of color with countertops never hurt any kitchen area, and color helps to cancel out the totally white look in kitchen cabinets and countertops that have waned in popularity.


Terrazzo countertop surfaces have bounced back and forth from their height of popularity in the last 50 plus years. They are once again enjoying a renewed sense of design in 2019 and are a sought after look that enhances minimalist and modern kitchen designs.

Popular countertop trends come and go but there are choices provided here that will endure beyond 2019. Whether you want a traditional, modern or minimalist look in a countertop design, there are enough choices available today to enhance your kitchen for years to come. If you are unsure what countertop choice best fits your design requirements, complete the contact form and a countertop expert will get back to you with the answers you need.

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