Gourmet chefs, aspiring culinary artists, and committed homemakers love to cook the right way and that usually means having all their bucket list kitchen necessities at hand. Most any avid or serious cook has a preference for top-of-the-line kitchen equipment and that usually includes kitchen countertops that are going to optimize their cooking ability. What kind of countertops should most serious cooks choose to use? Well, here are some ideas on the subject that may surprise you.

What Serious Cooks Look for in Counter Tops

Serious cooks look for and consider countertops that have a number of characteristics, such as:

• Countertops that are made of durable materials
• Countertops that can withstand heat in around an oven and stove top area
• Countertops that can handle hot cookware being placed on them in certain instances
• Countertops that are resistant to stains and are nonporous in nature
• Countertops that are resistant to abrasions, cuts, and impact from various objects
• Countertops that are easy to clean and maintain and are resistant to bacteria and mold formation

Ideal Countertops for Serious Cooks

Ideal Countertops for Serious Cooks

Stainless Steel – When you speak of an ideal countertop choice in a purely professional sense, meaning exclusive use by chefs and cooks, stainless steel is the top contender because of its resistance to heat, stains, and ease of upkeep.

Heat-Resistant Glass – This type of countertop is made of glass that is resistant to heat and is one other top choice that is more in line with in-home cooking and baking. Most glass countertops are usually fashioned in tile shaped designs that are semitransparent. They are available in numerous styles and color choices. Often glass countertops are utilized with LED lighting to bring light to a kitchen space and bring a standout appearance to the glass.

Recycled Glass – Recycled glass countertops are made from crushed glass that has been impacted in a base of resin. These types of countertops are perfect for cooking and have the necessary features to endure considerable use. They are also available in a wide range of colors and combinations of colors.

Tile – Tile countertops are a more traditional type of counter finish, and they have continued to be which have continued to be steady contenders with other types of countertop materials. They are favored by both professional and amateur cooks. Tile is a durable material and it is resistant to heat and stains. When tiles are put in place, they should be set with grout that is water resistant. Also, tiles come in huge selections with limitless color and style options.

Other Top Serious Choices

More home related countertop choices include materials that have positive characteristics. They are highly rated by homeowners who are into more serious cooking, and they include:

Quartz is stone-like in appearance and consists of minerals as well as color and resin that binds the materials together. It is resistant to heat, abrasive elements, stains, and sharp utensils. It is available in a host of colors and patterns that are similar to both marble and granite. It is subject to chips on the corners and edges of countertops and does require professional repair. Quartz requires limited maintenance so it is a good choice for serious cooks.

Granite is, of course, a highly popular natural material and is resistant to heat, scratches, and cuts. When sealed properly its more porous nature can be protected. Colors are unique and granite is available in polished, matte and leather finishes. Periodic sealing is the key to stain prevention and its corners and edges can chip, so professional repair may be needed. A serious cook might not appreciate dealing with the porous nature of granite, but it is still a durable material.

Marble, though beautiful with its veining patterns and colorations, is one material that can be subject to heat damage as well as stains and nicks. Serious cooks would have to use caution with marble.

Laminate – Laminate materials have come a long way and mimic almost any countertop material available today. Most laminate materials are resistant to stains and heat, but cutting on them can cause damage. Cutting boards would be a necessity for serious cooks.

Butcher Block – This is another more traditional countertop material choice and its finish (usually varnish) is important to the resistance of stains. Scratches, cuts, and nicks can easily occur, so any type of food preparation may require protection through a cutting board.

Whether you are or aren’t a serious cook, there are countertops that are more beneficial than others with food preparation, plus there are designs and styles available that correlate with most any kitchen design and decor. If you are a serious cook and need further advice on countertop selections, complete the contact form and a representative will get back to you with the choices that are most conducive to your needs.

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