Outdoor Living has taken on a whole new perspective in the last decade or so. Gone are the days of a couple of patio chairs and a charcoal grill sitting on a back porch area of a home patiently awaiting the arrival of family and friends for a weekend barbecue. Today, comfort is the key. Moving an indoor comfort area to the outside is a big design and decor trend and here are a few others that are making headway in the world of the fashionable outdoors.


Pavers for walkways, pool areas and patios are a continuing trend in 2019. They are made in various modular shapes and sizes as well as innovative styles, finishes and textures with smoother looks being even more current. Larger and more linear and plank-like pavers appear to be trending the most for coverage of expansive areas. Colors range from monochromatic shades of grey to earth tones with hints or pops of brighter colors. They continue to move upwards in popularity and use as they are able to cover considerable area in an outdoor space, plus they are well made, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Water Features

Outdoor water features are another ongoing and popular trend. Water feature structures integrated in backyard and patio spaces have become focal points in and of themselves. They add substance and beauty to an outdoor area and may look complicated to operate but are really quite simple to set up and maintain. They simply enhance any patio or lounging space as the running water is music to the ears along with being soothing, comforting and cooling. A water feature definitely adds value to the backyard area of home without added expense and maintenance time.

Lighting Systems

Lighting is essential when many outdoor activities happen on the weekends and at night. With outdoor spaces trending as true living spaces at all times of the day and night, lighting systems are an important asset for evening and weekend activities. Most lighting systems that are designed for exterior use are installed with new home construction. Both LED and phone applications technologies have made automated lighting in exterior areas an easy process. Lighting for landscaped areas also continues to be a trend as do string LED lighting that can be placed in almost any outdoor space or structure.

Combined Outdoor Spaces

Combined Outdoor Spaces

One trend that has recently taken off is the combination of backyard porches, decks and patios. New design development has coordinated a flow of these three areas through the coordination of decks with porches, patios or all three. The possibilities for these types of living spaces are endless. A deck serves as an area to enjoy the sun and food, while a patio or porch below deck can serve as cover from the heat and bad weather as well as proximity to a pool or gaming area.

Outdoor Kitchens

One trend that has developed over the years and follows on into 2019 is the outdoor kitchen. More and more homeowners are seeing their deck areas and large covered patio spaces as food preparation and cooking stations. They want full kitchen equipment with counter tops, good storage cabinets, grills, sinks, encased refrigerators, ice makers and even ovens for bread and pizza making. When all the appliances and water and cooking access are at their fingertips, cooking and grilling become ongoing and enjoyable activities for families and friends.

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