How to Redo Your Bathroom Without Remodeling

If you are ready for a new bathroom but are not willing to go through the hassle of a complete remodel, there are ways to update without a huge remodel. These tips for giving your bathroom a new look are also easier on the budget than a full bathroom model would be. Keep in mind that you want your bathroom to be a place to relax and recharge but you also want it to be a reflection of your taste.

A Quick Paint Job

Paint is relatively inexpensive and you can complete the project on your own, often in a weekend. If you want a soft, relaxed look, choose serene tones that give you a sense of lightness. Warm tones can bring a sense of the dramatic for those who prefer a bath that is a quiet hideaway.

Replace Hardware

Choose different drawer pulls to give your cabinetry a different look. You can find them in many styles, colors and at a variety of prices. You can even search secondhand stores and antique shops for vintage drawer pulls to create a retro look. You can also replace faucets for a new look in the bathroom. Choose from nickel or stainless finish for a spa look or rubbed bronze if you are seeking something sophisticated.

Storing the Essentials

You want your bathroom as clutter free as possible, so you want to have ample storage to hide items you prefer your guests do not need to see. Attractive baskets, storage cubbies or bins are an excellent way to create more storage and keep those unmentionables out of the view of others. It can also help you create a stress-free bathroom.

Replace the Lights

You need good lighting for applying makeup, doing your hair, shaving and other types of grooming, but you also want the room to feel soft and relaxed. Add a dimmer switch so that you can adjust the level of brightness based on what you are doing in the room. Consider replacing the lighting over the vanity as well. If you choose one that is a similar size as what you have, the replacement should be fairly easy. Or, consider replacing the lighting when you paint.

Mirrors and Medicine Cabinets

Medicine cabinets have historically not been very interesting, but today you have many options to choose from. Choose a beveled mirror for a unique look. If you have a mirror without a cabinet, update it with a picture-frame that matches the style you are seeking.

Keep Your Towels Warm

For a truly spa-like experience, add a towel warmer. They come in several sizes so even if you have a small bathroom, a towel warmer may be available that will fit. They are available in wall-mount versions or in ready-to-lug in floor models.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, contact us today to learn what products we have that can help create the look you desire in your bathroom. You can reach us by phone or by completing the easy form online.

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