Read This Before Buying Kitchen Appliances

When you have decided to renovate your kitchen, one of the most important choices will be the appliances you select. Good appliances in combination with beautiful countertops and flooring can help to give your kitchen the functionality and aesthetics it deserves.

According to a study conducted by LG Electronics, 56 percent of people planning a kitchen remodeling project plan to include new appliances. When you are looking for new appliances, you’ll need to think about your tastes, budget, your family’s eating and cooking preferences and your kitchen’s layout and size.

Your process can begin with online comparison-shopping. Many manufacturers offer coupons, which you should also attempt to find on their websites. When you are talking to retailers, you can try to negotiate for better prices, as well as for complimentary delivery and installation services. It may also be a good idea to look for appliances with an Energy Star rating as doing so can mean you will have lower utility costs.

Before you make a purchase, make certain that the appliances you buy will fit through your kitchen’s doorways and in the spaces where they will be installed by measuring.

Finding a Refrigerator

When you are looking for a new refrigerator, you’ll want to take into account the refrigerator’s capacity, door style, freezer location, the number of drawers, included conveniences and whether you want a built-in model to match your cabinets. People who have families of four are able to do well with refrigerators having capacities of 19 to 22 cubic feet, but there are also larger-capacity models with up to 30 cubic feet plus.

The freezer location is also important, with traditional models having freezers located on top providing sufficient storage if your kitchen is small. Some people prefer models with the freezer located on the bottom since most people look for fresh foods more frequently than frozen ones.

If your refrigerator space is narrow, you might want to choose a side-by-side model. Another option is a model with French doors, which have a freezer located on the bottom but are wider and taller. There are built-in refrigerators that cost more but which allow you to match your cabinets and have a flush installation.

Key features that you should consider include temperature-controlled drawers, shelves that are easy to arrange and monitoring for humidity. There are also such features like ice water dispensers on the doors and door-in-door storage conveniences.

Choosing a Dishwasher

Modern dishwashers do not require pre-rinsing and are quieter than older models. For average families, a regular dishwasher will do the job. Premium models offer such extra features as extra slots for silverware, flexible loading and stain-resistant tubs made out of stainless steel.

Your first consideration should be the style you want. You will need to look at your available space and determine whether you select one with a traditional fold-down door or one with a compact drawer dual-drawer unit.

People with smaller kitchens and families may want to go with the traditional fold-down door style. Those with more room might like the dual-drawer units as they allow you to run cycles in each compartment separately. If you are a person who frequently entertains guests, flexible loading may be a good option.

You’ll also want to look at dishwashers that offer three racks and foldable tines to allow accommodation for large cookware.

Finally, you’ll want to think about the controls. It’s probably a good idea to choose a model that visibly displays the cycle time so that you know when the cycle stops running.

Choosing your Oven and Range

Your choice in an oven will largely depend on your kitchen’s size and your cooking habits. For average cooking and smaller areas, all-in-one units normally are good choices. If you are a dedicated cook and have more room, choosing a cooktop that will be installed in your counter along with a single or double wall oven may be preferable.

Other factors can include your budget, how it will look in your kitchen, the ergonomics of it and the source of the fuel used. Gas ovens are good for even heating, electric ovens are good for quicker heating and induction cooktops that offer both. Bakers may want to consider a convection oven that circulates heat more evenly. Ranges are generally the least expensive and easiest to install.

Your final consideration will be the added features you want or need, such as an adjustable broil setting, the types of controls or baking and warming drawers.

Buying kitchen appliances to complement your kitchen renovation does not have to be a difficult process. When you think about your kitchen’s design, available space, budget and the features you want, you will be able to find the appliances that are right for you.

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