Where Should I Put A Second Kitchen Sink

With the open floor plans of today’s homes, kitchens have become the primary space in which people gather for entertaining. This means that kitchens now have added traffic and bring a need for a wiser use of their space.

A terrific way to help increase your kitchen’s efficiency is adding a second kitchen sink. You’ll need to choose the spot well, and the decision about where to add it will depend on the room’s layout as well as your lifestyle. Here are some ideas that may work for you.

Adding a kitchen sink in your island or prep station

Having a second kitchen sink gives you the convenience of separating your prep and cleaning areas. When you add a sink to your kitchen island, you’ll have the separation you want. You’ll then have an area to prepare your food while being able to transfer dirty dishes to the cleaning area, keeping them out of your way. If you have a kitchen peninsula, you might want to add a sink that is accessible from either side of it. This can help you with the traffic in the room. Consider also adding pull-down faucets for increased efficiency and style.


For people with smaller kitchens or those without islands, adding a single-bowl sink in a secondary prep area might work. You’ll need to make certain that you leave yourself with some counter space on either side of the sink. You can then use it as your prep sink while leaving your primary one for cleaning.

Baking area

If you bake a lot, you know how messy it can be. People who like to bake find adding a sink in their baking stations helps them concentrate the mess it involves in one spot instead of all over the room.

Coffee station

Coffee lovers often have a lot of equipment for making the coffee they love. They consequently need added space so they can enjoy their habit. If you have a coffee station, adding a sink in that area can help you start your after-dinner coffee without first needing to clear the dirty dishes from your meal.

Wet bar

Many people who frequently entertain understand that their guests tend to gather around in the kitchen. You may be able to give yourself more room to move while you are preparing the meal by adding a wet bar with a second sink. You’ll want to keep this station separated from your cleaning and prep areas. This can let you get the work you need to get done completed while also entertaining your guests.

Pot-filling areas

One modern design feature is adding faucets to fill pots on backsplashes behind the cooktop. This helps to avoid carrying large pots filled with water to use for cooking. Another idea is to add a sink close to the cooktop. You can use pull faucets in order to reach your pots while also having the sink available for other tasks.

To get more ideas about the best placement for your second sink, call us today or simply fill out our contact form. We will be happy to give you some ideas and let you know how we can help you.

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