Get Your Money Back With These Top Kitchen Upgrades!

Increasing the value of a home with interior renovations is a goal that most homeowners have, especially if they plan to put their property on the market. As you already know the area that you should focus on the most if you want a return on the investment is the kitchen. This room has so much potential, especially if the home was built many years ago and has never gone through any upgrades.

Focus on the following areas of your kitchen and add natural or engineered stone whenever possible to ensure that you get the most bang for your buck.


Upgrading outdated laminate countertops with natural or engineered stone is going to increase the value of your home exponentially. Why? Simply because natural stone and solid quartz countertops sell! It seems everyone wants granite these days – We’ve even noticed that renters are asking for these high-end countertops, too.

If you appreciate the appearance of a softer material, like marble, consider the option of mimicking it with a more durable engineered stone. CaesarStone, for example, manufacturers an exceptional line of low-maintenance, high-performance products that are created with the same visual features of natural marble or limestone.

Granite Kitchen Countertop


Think before you completely rip out all of your outdated cabinetry and end up sacrificing a large part of your budget. Refacing is a logical option if the cabinets are sturdy enough to keep. The least expensive way to update is to apply a fresh coat of neutral paint and get new cabinet pulls and knobs. Avoid doing anything that would turn off a potential buyer that may not appreciate your unique taste.


Collaborate with an engineer and electrician to find out any safe options for taking down walls or creating partitions. Open spaces are more appealing because it makes the room seem larger and brighter. This is really important if the room is on the smaller side because buyers may overlook a home for this reason alone.


Don’t clutter your space with large appliances that are designed to do more than you need. If you want a return on your investment, the best thing to do is skip any big-ticket items that you don’t actually need. Consider the ways that you use the kitchen to entertain and cook so that you only upgrade the features that you will use the most.


Stay away from laminate, linoleum, and vinyl when you have the option to upgrade to hardwood or stone flooring. Hardwood is very durable and attractive, but stone is going to provide more unique options. Granite kitchen tiles come in different colors from neutral beige to more unusual greens or blues. Travertine tiles are a great long-term investment because of the easy maintenance and are visually stunning. If you do decide to go with stone flooring, do the research to ensure that it’s suitable for the traffic and potential for exposure to spills in the kitchen.

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