Flooring is one of the most common home improvement projects undertaken by homeowners, following kitchen and bathroom renovations. For many years, flooring options were limited, but today there are many different available, including cork or bamboo. However, tile remains one of the most popular choices for flooring. Tile comes in a wide range of options, are durable, require less maintenance than carpet or wood as well as other advantages that lead to its popularity. Before you choose your flooring style, it is important to do some flooring comparison.

Ease of Installation

Tile can be a DIY task for homeowners who have some home improvement skills, but it is very labor intensive. In addition, specific equipment like a wet saw is necessary for tile installation, which can often be rented from home improvement stores. Professional installation can cost as much as $3,700 for 500 square feet. Hardwood flooring often requires professional installation which can cost over $4,800 for 500 square feet of material, labors and delivery. Carpet must be installed by a professional and, although professional installation may be less expensive than tile or hardwood at around $2,900 for 500 square feet, it may need to be replaced sooner than other flooring types.

Flooring Repairs

Tile is easier to repair than other types of flooring as it may be possible to replace just a few tiles should they crack or break. In most cases, a homeowner can do this on their own. Repairing hardwood often requires having the floor refinished, which can be expensive. Laminate or floating wood floors are easier to repair as, like tile, sections can be replaced if they become damaged. Removing and replacing the damaged sections can be tedious, however as the floor may have to be taken up in order to get to the section. Carpet is the most difficult to repair as seams can unravel or edges pull from door sills. Carpet also stains easily and may look dated sooner than other flooring types.

Maintenance of Flooring

Tile is not difficult to keep clean and there are now machines that will help clean tougher stains in grout. Professional cleaners can also add luster to tile as well as remove tough stains from grout that you cannot remove on your own. Hardwood floors require only dusting, mopping or vacuuming on a regular basis, although stains may require professional cleaning which is similar to professional tile cleaning. Carpet is far more difficult to maintain as they stain much more easily than other types of flooring and some stains may be impossible to remove. Professional carpet cleaning is recommended at least twice each year to keep carpet looking fresh.

If you are replacing flooring in your home or commercial space, contact us today to learn what your flooring options are. We have products that can keep tile floors from feeling too cold and make sure that the products you choose will work in the space you plan to have it installed. You can reach us by phone or online for more flooring comparison.

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