Modern kitchens have become the central gathering place for many families. Kitchens are where a large amount of bonding happens during cooking, having coffee, sitting down for family dinners and more. Because of its importance, you may want to create an atmosphere and an appearance that is inviting and warm. You can express your personal style while adding warmth to the room in several ways.

1. Use bold colors to liven up the room

Choosing bright colors for your kitchen can help stimulate appetites and lend a feeling of ambiance. There are many beautiful shades that can be used to give the hint of fresh produce, including yellows, reds, greens and purples. If you instead prefer neutral color palettes, adding splashes of color throughout your kitchen using artwork, bowls of fruit and appliances can also add warmth.

2. Rustic touches

If you prefer a rustic look, you can add details such as sliding barn doors. Doors made out of natural wood can lend a rustic feel to your kitchen. One idea is to hang barn-style doors at the kitchen’s entrance.

3. Bring nature inside

Using plants in your kitchen can help you to add color and make the air easier to breathe. You can choose plants that add beauty and function such as a windowsill herb garden. Your local home garden center will have a variety of different herbs and other indoor plants from which to select.

4. Consider a chalkboard

Chalkboards are both great accents and terrific tools. Family members can leave reminders, notes, write menus and to-do lists on them. You can either choose to commit a wall to your chalkboard space or simply place one on the back of a door or on your refrigerator. Keeping a container of chalk close by will make everyone feel welcome to add their own notes to the board. If you don’t want to purchase a chalkboard, you can simply make your own by using chalkboard paint.

5. Personalize your kitchen

Many homeowners keep their kitchens bland because of thoughts about the potential resale value in the future. When you’re customizing your kitchen, however, there is no reason to avoid personalizing it. You can use whatever touches appeal to you. While you might sell your home in the future, you should think about enjoying it while you are currently living in it and make your kitchen truly your own.

Kitchens have much more to offer than just basic functionality. You can transform your kitchen into a memory making space. A personalized kitchen can provide the type of backdrop that will encourage the special moments everyone will remember for years to come. For ideas about how to transform your own kitchen, call our team of designers today, and we’ll be happy to help.

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