Design Ideas To Transform Your Backyard

Your backyard can be a terrific place to entertain your friends and family. There are many different design ideas that can help you create a beautiful and inviting outdoor space that will encourage hours of socializing and joy. Here are 25 ideas to help you get started.

Create a Gathering Place

The first step to transforming your backyard is creating an area that gives plenty of room for visitors to gather together. Simply choose your favorite spot in your backyard and place attractive seating around it for an inviting place to socialize.

Light Up Your Trees

Trees can be welcoming beacons of light with some creativity. You can use candles or Christmas lights to allow your trees to bring light to the darkness of night.

Use Patterns to Make Things Match

You can use a simple pattern in order to pull all of your decor together. For variety, choose similar designs and colors rather than identical ones for a nice thematic approach.

Use Patterns to Make Things Match

Use Outdoor Heaters to Keep People Warm

You can enjoy your backyard gathering space even in cooler weather by using outdoor heaters. They are easy to install and can encourage your guests to head outdoors even after temperatures fall.

Make a Backyard Game Space

One great backyard idea is to design a dedicated place where people can enjoy playing their favorite games. Whether you love chess, croquet or other games, you can make a space that will encourage your guests to join in on the fun.

Have an Outdoor Ice Chest to Keep your Drinks Cold

When it’s warm outside, have an outdoor ice chest on hand. This can help keep both your alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks cold and refreshing.

Mirrors to Expand Your Space

One way to make your backyard space look larger is with creatively using mirrors. You can use a large mirror or smaller ones in a style that matches your personality and preferences.

Use Water

A backyard pond or fountain can give your yard a beautiful ambiance. The sound of splashing water is calming for most people, and a fountain or pond can provide a great focal point as well.

Choose an Oversized Umbrella to Provide Shade

A giant umbrella can cover a large portion of your patio, providing a cooler environment in which to relax. Regular umbrellas don’t give you the protection you need from the sun.
Giant umbrellas also help to protect your outdoor furniture from fading.

Use Art to Add Beauty

You can add sculptures and other outdoor art to give your outdoor space a distinctive and beautiful look. Artwork can give your backyard a cultural feel while encouraging conversation.

String Lights for Elegance

You can use string lights to provide lighting at night. Since the bulbs are tiny, they are not very visible during the day. You can spread them out to give more light at night.

Add an Outdoor Swing

If you want a backyard oasis to which you can escape, try adding an outdoor swing. A nice swing can also add whimsy to your outdoor space.

Incorporate Large Rocks

Large rocks can add some additional oomph to your outdoor design. A great thing about large rocks is they require little to no maintenance.

Use Fire

Like water, an open flame adds ambiance to your outdoor space. You can add fire with torches, candles or a fire pit for friends to gather around.

Add Transitions with Archways

When your outdoor design includes several different areas, using archways can be a beautiful way to transition from one space to the next.

Add Birdhouses to Break Up Empty Wall Space

Birdhouses and feeders can break up the monotony of an empty wall space. By attracting birds, they can also bring more nature into your yard to enjoy.

Install Bluetooth Speakers

Adding tiny Bluetooth speakers can add a celebratory feel. You can play music that everyone enjoys for additional entertainment.

Pick a Smart Arrangement Your Outdoor Dining Table

When you are deciding where to place your outdoor dining or picnic table, try choosing an arrangement that faces the most attractive area of your yard. This can be a beautiful flower garden, a fountain or any other pretty view you might have.

Hang a Hammock

Like a swing, a hammock can add an area in which you can relax. They are especially terrific if you enjoy an occasional outdoor nap or for a nice place to read a book.

Add Citronella to Drive Off Bugs

Citronella torches and candles can help to keep pests away from your favorite space. The fire and light they give off also can help the area feel more intimate.

Add a Focus Spot

The best backyard designs include at least one item that acts as a focal point. This can be anything that best reflects your personality while drawing the eye.

Have a Cocktail Cart

When you plan to do a lot of outdoor entertaining, having a cocktail stand or cart available can help keep guests entertained. Carts are portable and easy to move around while a stand is a more permanent option at which guests can mix drinks.

Place a Seating Area Under a Tree

If you have a large shade tree, make use of it. Place a seating area underneath it and creatively arrange the furniture.

Block the Sun with Curtains and Drapes

For a special touch, you can use drapes and curtains to help block the sun. This can also help to make your space both unique and elegant.

Add Beauty With a Living Wall

Whether you use ivy, climbing flowers or other plants, living walls are very much in style.

To learn more about some great outdoor designs, call the professional design team at Flemington Granite. We’ll be happy to help give your yard a transformed and inspired look that you’ll love.

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