Pergola, Trellis or Arbor How Can You Tell The Difference

Garden structures such as arches, arbors and pergolas can often be confused. All three can provide additional shade and filtered light for your patio or garden and they can provide you with additional hanging space for lights or climbing plants. There are a few simple tips that can help you tell the three apart.

Trellises are for Training

Trellises are designed for training vines to climb in a certain direction. It can be nothing more than a vertical screen that guides plants to climb a wall, fence or other area in your yard. It isn’t difficult to make a trellis from scratch or you can purchase one at your local hardware or department store. They come in many different versions including wire, plastic and wood. The best place for trellises is in areas where you want to hide unattractive areas or to create a vine covered wall. Be sure to choose one that will stand up to the weight of your plants, winds and weather damage.

Arches and Arbors

An arch or an arbor is something you walk under or through. In fact, you can create an arch using a trellis that continues overhead. Arches are commonly used at the entrance to gardens or to transition from one section of an outdoor area to another. Arbors are used to cover a path, frame a view or provide a focal point. They often have trellises attached for climbing plants.

Pergolas Cover Patios

A pergola can be described as a really large arbor that covers a seating area or portion of your deck or patio. Pergolas are supported by posts at each corner and may be topped with open latticework or beams. They can be free-standing or placed next to your house to create a sitting area or focal point. Although the structure can provide some shade, it leaves your seating area open to rain and other elements. However, filtered shade gives your yard a more open feeling and can actually allow more sunlight into your house as opposed to a closed-roof structure.

If you are considering adding a trellis, pergola or arch to your patio or deck, contact us to learn what options you may have. You can contact one of our friendly customer service representatives by calling us or completing our easy query form online. We can help you decide what outdoor structure will work best for you and help you get started with your project.

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