How To Create The Perfect Breakfast Nook For Your Kitchen

Health experts say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet many of us skip this critical meal. However, if you had a beautiful breakfast nook where you could savor your morning coffee, read the paper and enjoy the early sunlight, you may be more inclined to relax before you head off to work. You don’t need a large area to create a breakfast nook as a small corner of your kitchen or dining room can easily be converted. These ideas can help you create a cozy area that will entice you to eat breakfast and get a healthy start on your day.

Choose the Right Furniture

The first thing to consider when creating your breakfast nook is the furniture you will use. A bench or booth is the perfect option for a breakfast nook as it takes up less space than other types of furniture. You want to be sure the nook is comfortable so throw pillows and soft cushions are the perfect addition. If a booth or benches are not your style or the space is not large enough, a small, round table with a few chairs may be perfect. If you have an area where you can open up a countertop, add a few comfortable stools with comfortable pillows. A breakfast “bar” is as enticing as a “nook.”

Coffee Corner

Even if you don’t want to take time for breakfast, you more than likely take time for that cup of coffee or tea first thing in the morning to get you going. Create a coffee corner in your kitchen to make it easier to fix your cup of java each day. Place your coffee pot in one corner of your kitchen. Hang cups from hooks above the pot and use a decorative tray to store your condiments like sugar, syrup and spoons. If you have a small corner where you can place a table, use it for your coffee corner to open up space on your kitchen counter.

Incorporate Your Style

Once you have the breakfast nook set up, you can begin to incorporate your style into the area. If you like the cozy farmhouse style, add plaid table clothes and vases with fresh flowers to greet you in the morning. If your style is more modern, use bright colored plates, napkins or placemats to cheer you in the morning. If you like rustic styles, use recycled wood, antique bowls or pitchers and unique baskets to decorate. A bowl of fresh fruit adds a nice touch to any breakfast nook as well.

Adding Breakfast to Your Day

Once you have the breakfast nook, you’ll want to create healthy, delicious breakfasts so you can enjoy your new area. An egg frittata can be created easily and you can add vegetables for extra nutrients. Scramble eggs, cook bacon or sausage and slice garden vegetables before warming tortillas for custom breakfast burritos. Your family will love creating their own version and, because it is portable, you can eat them on the go. Create a delicious fruit salad by chopping fresh fruits from our local farmer’s market. Fruit salad can be made the night before and, depending on the fruit, can last for several days. Of course, a weekend would not be complete without a pancake or waffle breakfast. Make it an adventure by creating a “fixings bar” that includes chocolate chips, whipped cream, fruit, powdered sugar and other fun toppings.

A breakfast nook can not only add a beautiful addition to your home, it may actually encourage your family to enjoy a health breakfast each morning. If you are considering a breakfast nook in your home, contact us to learn more about our products. We can help guide you through the process and help you create the perfect breakfast nook. You can reach us by calling or filling out the simple form online.

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