What Are The Benefits of Kitchen Remodels-

Not only does a kitchen remodel increase the value of your home, it also gives the room a cleaner, more modern look. Kitchen remodels don’t need to be extensive as simply replacing a floor, updating cabinets or installing a new island can give the room a completely different look. Your kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in your home and, while you want the basics covered, like excellent lighting, the work triangle and up-to-date appliances, you also want it to reflect your personality.

Recover Your Investment

According to Remodeling Magazine, homeowners can recover between 68 and 75 percent of the cost of their kitchen remodel. Other experts actually put that percentage closer to 100 percent. This means that if you spend $17,000 on a kitchen remodel, you could recover $11,000 or more of that cost when you decide to sell your home. Of course, there are other factors that go into how much you can recover, but overall a return of investment of at least 60 percent is common after a kitchen remodel.

Quicker Sales

Real estate agents say that the look of a kitchen can sometimes make or break a sale. When potential buyers enter the home, the kitchen is often the first room they see. If your kitchen is stunning, other areas of the home you may not have gotten around to remodeling do not stand out as much. In addition, buyers are often willing to pay slightly more for a home with a state-of-the-art kitchen. Not only does an upgraded kitchen improve your home’s value when you decide to sell, you also get the benefit of working in the remodeled kitchen while you live there. You benefit from the new granite countertops you installed, the brighter lighting and the easier-to-clean floor.

Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

When you remodel your kitchen, you are able to take advantage of the many new trends that exist in kitchens today. Not that long ago, the kitchen triangle was the most critical part of your kitchen. In that theory, the stove, refrigerator and sink should make a triangle in your kitchen with all of them within arm’s reach. Today, homeowners are creating unique, different kitchens like adding islands or installing restaurant-quality cooking stations. Families are seeking a more open layout so that parents can watch their children whiel they cook and also have more room in the kitchen while they are preparing meals. Kitchen islands are growing in popularity as well, giving you extra working space in your kitchen. It also adds an area where children can do homework or create art projects without taking up counterspace as you prepare a meal.

Additional Storage

It is amazing how quickly you can run out of storage space, especially in a kitchen and with a growing family. A kitchen remodel allows you to add cabinets and drawers, increasing the area they have to store food, dishes and pans. There are many products available today that can also maximize the cabinet space you have, such as slide-out pantries, cabinet shelves that slide out and other storage tools that make reaching items easier. If you have room, adding a walk-in pantry will give you excellent storage for food and supplies.

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, contact us today by filling out the form online or calling one of our friendly customer service representatives. We can help you through the entire process so you get the kitchen you have always wanted.

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