How To Choose The Best Paint For Bathroom Walls

Most visitors will see and/or use the bathroom when they are guests in other people’s homes. If you are like most homeowners, you likely want to showcase your style and impress your guests with a beautiful room. If your home’s bathroom is outdated and small, you may not be certain what you can do with it.

The best paint for bathroom walls can completely transform your bathroom in a day. Paint can freshen up the room’s appearance without your needing to completely remodel everything. There are many different paint options available, so you will want to take care when you are choosing the paint for your bathroom.

Costs Involved With Painting Your Bathroom

Painting your bathroom is one of the least expensive ways to give the room an updated look. How much it will cost will depend on whether you do it yourself or instead hire a painter to do it for you. It will cost a lot less if you paint your bathroom yourself, but it may take longer for you to finish, and it might be difficult to get behind certain areas in your bathroom.

Depending on how large your bathroom is, a professional job could can get expensive. This will also vary depending on how much wall space is visible and the kind of paint you select.

Paint That Is Resistant To Mildew And Mold

The best paint for bathroom walls is one that is mildew- and mold-resistant. Because bathrooms tend to have a much higher amount of moisture than do other rooms, they are also more susceptible to mold and mildew. Choosing a mildew-resistant paint is very important when painting bathrooms.

Before painting, you will also want to prepare the walls by washing them down with a mildew and mold cleaner, especially if you find any areas that have visible growth. You should clean while wearing a mask so that you do not breathe in any spores. Installing a fan in your bathroom can help to prevent mildew from growing.

Bathroom Color Schemes

The next step is for you to find the colors that will work the best in your bathroom. You can start by taking a step back in order to take a look so that you can see what features you would like to emphasize and what you are working with.

Note things that you see, such as a pretty countertop that you would like to stand out or colorful tile you would like to emphasize. You should also consider your own style and how you can use color to express it. Here are some different possibilities.

Bold And Bright

Bathrooms both small and large can make a statement with bright and bold bathroom paints. To make a statement, you can use colors such as deep blues or bright reds. If you prefer, you could add one accent wall to stand out. These bright colors are well complemented by silver, gold and white accents. If your toilets or sinks are old, you might need to update them before choosing a bold and bright color scheme.

Clean And Cheerful

Classic white gives bathrooms a look of timelessness. Freshly painted white walls are easy to accessorize with colorful items while making the room appear clean, airy and light. Black and white styles make bathrooms look contemporary and they are also easy to do. This choice is a classic one as well, helping you if you ever decide to sell your home.

Making An In-Home Retreat

Many people head to the bathroom to relax. If this describes you, you’ll want to choose colors that add a feeling of relaxation. You can do this by choosing colors that are popularly used in spas, including beiges, soft greens and blues. Complementing these colors using natural accessories and wooden cabinets can increase the relaxing feeling.
You can complete the look with candles and luxuriously soft towels.

Happy Paint For Children

If you are painting a child’s bathroom, you can make the room feel happy and joyful by choosing paints that are child-friendly. Bright colors and pastels are both terrific choices because they make the room feel playful and fun. If you are planning to paint the room yourself, you can also have them help so they can feel proud of their accomplishment.

When you are wanting to change the look and feel of your bathroom, painting the walls can quickly help it to look up-to-date.

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