Before You Buy Granite Countertops, Think About This!


The same granite that was once exclusive to high-end homes is now a more affordable upgrade option available to all types of homeowners. There are a lot of different granite products on the market, and it’s common that the average person wouldn’t know what to look for when making their purchase.

You need to understand exactly how to find a quality product, and which questions to ask your fabricator regarding the manufacturing process and installation.

Is the Granite Fabricated Using a Machine or By Hand?

There are some products that turn out better when handled entirely by a machine, but this is not always true of granite. Each company has their preferred method of fabrication, including the option of hand-polishing after the machine.

Speak with the fabricator to find out more about their process, and consider the use of wax as a major red flag. If the company uses wax to improve the appearance of the edges, it’s going to wear off quickly.

Inquire About Seam Leveling

Multiple pieces of granite that are assembled for a countertop have to be pieced together carefully to avoid noticeable seams. A granite company might do this before the fabrication process for a more attractive edge. Anytime a fabricator uses a suction-automated machine during the installation, the seams are going to appear exceptionally level.

Ask If the Granite Company Performs Their Own Installations

Local suppliers are much more likely to handle the entire process on their own than a large warehouse chain. An out-of-towner or third-party company will be difficult to reach if you have an issue during or after the installation. If you want to have adequate support then you make it a point to work with a local company.

Accept Nothing Less Than 3-Centimeter Granite

There is a higher risk of breakage if you select a granite product that is only 2-centimeters. Many consider granite that is mined in Italy or Brazil will to offer the best quality, and you should consider the extra expense of working with a distributor a worthwhile investment.

Don’t rush into a long-term investment like granite without a thorough understanding of the exact product you are getting. We would be happy to teach you everything that you need to know if you reach out to our fabricators through the contact form.

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