5 Tips for Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets and drawers are one of the most basic necessities inside of every kitchen. A smart layout will help you put the size and floorplan of the room to good use. Aside from general placement, the aesthetics and functionality are important to the overall value of the room.

You need to start off designing the perfect kitchen cabinets with a durable base material that will provide years of use without damage. Once you have the basics figured out, you can begin moving forward to choose door styles, hardware, and an attractive finish that complements your personal style.

Cabinet Materials

Solid wood is always a popular choice in the kitchen, but you should not feel limited to this option. Although rich cherry or bright maple wood might easily match your current decor, stainless steel is a sleek alternative. Melamine and thermofoil are other materials becoming more common in modern kitchen designs.

Cabinet Door Styles

There is no reason to stick with a boring single-panel door if you really want your cabinets to stand out. A breaded frame or raised panel will add depth, even if you are simply changing the doors on existing cabinetry. Complex detailing is a very luxurious style, but keep it mind the extra difficulty this will cause when cleaning.


There are plenty of options that you may not have considered for improving the functionality of your basic cabinets. A frameless cabinet is going to open up more storage space and accessibility than the bulky framed style. Inexpensive soft-close hinges added to all doors and drawers eliminate the noise and impact when they are slammed. If you want to splurge on an added luxury, touchless cabinets are becoming more common in residential kitchens.


If you do decide to stick with wooden cabinet material, a finish or stain can be added as a final touch. Some homeowners prefer to leave them with their natural color for a more rugged design. A lighter color and different decorative finishes are going to help camouflage any dirt easier than a dark stain.

Cabinet Hardware

The most customizable accessory in your kitchen is the hardware that you use to complete the cabinets. Drawer pulls and knobs come in so many different styles and they are incredibly easy to change if you ever want to update the appearance in the future.

There is a lot to learn about kitchen cabinets, but we will guide you through the process as soon as you complete the contact form.

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