There is no question that a fireplace draws attention in your home. If your fireplace seems to be lackluster or need some updating, there are things you can do to improve its look. In fact, a fireplace makeover is much easier and less expensive than other types of home remodels or repairs. Take a look at our fireplace design ideas, these five tips can help you update your fireplace without emptying your wallet.

Tile Accents

If your fireplace has a surround inside the mantle, common for propane fireplaces, you can replace the plain surround with tile. There are glass and ceramic tiles in many different styles, shapes and designs that you can use to update your fireplace for very little cost. In some cases, the entire surround could cost around $100, including grout and the tile. Designers suggest using two-sided sticky paper to attach the tiles in order to make the project go smoothly. The entire process can be completed in just a few hours.

Tile Accents

Brick Fireplace Paint

There are many who believe painting natural brick is blasphemy, but if your fireplace was built using plain builder bricks, painting them could give your fireplace new life. White is one of the best options for painting fireplace bricks as it makes the glowing fire stand out. You can customize the look even more by finishing the bricks with chalk paint to create a subtle contrast. The only expense is a few cans of paint.

Apply Whitewash

Whitewash may bring to mind stories of the Old West or fences painted by Huckleberry Finn. Whitewash has been used for centuries for both exteriors and interiors. It is a mixture of slaked lime and chalk which cures through a reaction with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to create calcite, giving it its white appearance. Applying whitewash to natural stone is an excellent way to update your fireplace. An updated version of whitewash is created using chalk paint which, when applied with sponges, creates a natural look on stone used for fireplaces.

Stone Your Mantle

Stone Your Mantle – Stone Fireplace Designs

Remove the traditional mantle from your fireplace and create an entire wall of lightweight imitation stone. A floor-to-ceiling wall of stone surrounding your fireplace draws the eye upward and gives your room character. Add a floating mantle above the fireplace for an additional natural look. Lightweight stone can be found at local home improvement stores at reasonable prices so this update to your fireplace may look much more expensive than it actually was.

Porcelain Frame

If your fireplace is surrounded by heavy brick, consider removing the brick and replacing it with porcelain tile. The look will be more modern and light, opening up your room and making it feel more spacious. Although massive brick hearths are attention-grabbing, they may grab attention for the wrong reason, giving you room a dated, dark appearance. Add a floating mantle to the tile and your fireplace looks clean, sleek and modern.

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