What Is A Punch List and Why It's Important

There is no such thing as a “perfect” renovation project. No matter how talented a contractor is or how organized a homeowner is, things can go wrong. For this reason, many contractors use a list to be sure any issues that arise are completed and that they are completed correctly. Your contractor may have talked about using one and you may have thought to yourself “what is a punch list.” This can help guide you through what the list does and why it is important.

What is a Punch List?

A punch list is a final checklist of the work you have hired a contractor to do. The list should include everything you wanted completed and it should not be marked off until the work is completed to your satisfaction. If your contractor does not provide you with the list, you can create one of your own, but most contractors will provide one for you.

What is a Punch ListWhat is Included?

What will be on the list depends on the scope of your project. The list is not to determine if something was completed by a certain deadline, but whether the work was done to your satisfaction. If your contractor hired a plumber to install a new sink in your bathroom, the list should not simply indicate that the sink is there, but also that the sink does not leak and that the faucets are operational. The list should also include any items that need to be repaired, like missing knobs or parts that have not been delivered.

Punch List Apps and Templates

There are many contractor punch list templates available online that you can use to customize a list for your needs. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can even download punch list apps that will make it even easier for you to confirm that the project is completed. It is important to either use a punch list app or a template because it ensures that the contractor will deliver their best work. That does not mean you should not still regularly communicate with the contractor and you should not use the list as a way to “catch” your contractor doing things wrong. Instead, it is a method of checks and balances for both of you to make sure work is done to your satisfaction.

Use the list when you do a final review or walk-through with the contractor, checking to be sure each item is complete. If there are any flaws or final tasks that have not been done, point them out and ask for them to be completed or repaired. If you are looking for a contractor who has a history of completing work to customer standards, give us a call today or fill out the form on our website.

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