With So Many Eye Catching Granite Countertop

Every year more and more homeowners are discovering the benefits of granite countertops in their kitchens and baths. This surface is available in a variety of colors, including white, black, brown, beige, blue and red. With so many options, it is a suitable option for any number of kitchen designs.These tips can help you choose the right color so that you will be happy with your granite countertop for many years to come.

Modern Look With Dark Granite

If you are looking for a modern look in your kitchen, you may prefer to choose a dark granite color. Dark granite pairs well with a contemporary-themed kitchen and is eye-catching when used with white cabinets. The surface is rather eye-catching when it is used in a kitchen that has stark white cabinets and stainless steel appliances.

Bold accents, like bright colored bowls on a kitchen island or an orange candles would also work nicely in such kitchens. Adding stainless steel appliances will make your kitchen even more eye catching.

In the Kitchen. Granite Countertop, Sink,

A Classic Look with White Granite

White granite countertops are classic and timeless, giving your kitchen or bath a luxurious yet comfortable look. If your kitchen or bath is small, white countertops will make the room feel open and airy, making your friends and family feel welcome.

White granite works well with dark cabinetry, lightening up the room and eliminating the feeling of stuffiness that dark cabinets can often create. To hide stains from cooking or beauty products, which can occur during normal wear and tear, consider a white granite countertop with a pattern .

White kitchen with white granite tops, island and hanging pot rack

Timeless Neutral Granite

Neutral colors in granite are perfect if you are seeking a subtle yet versatile look for your kitchen or bath. Neutral colors are elegant and allow you to accessorize with a wide variety of colors. Neutral granite is one of the most popular colors as it works with virtually every style of kitchen or bath, whether you are seeking a modern or a classic look.

Neutral colors work well with wooden cabinets and subdued wall colors as well as in rustic rooms with wooden floors and pedestal or country sinks. Like white granite, it may be advisable to choose a neutral granite with a pattern to help hide any marks that can occur during normal use, such as food spills, scratches or beauty product marks.

Timeless Neutral Granite

Choosing the right color granite is important as granite can last forever. Complete our easy contact form for more information on choosing the perfect granite color for your kitchen or bath.

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