Will the Color Of Your Countertop Affect How You Feel

The colors you choose for your home’s interior reflect your tastes, who you are and your personality. While many people don’t spend much time thinking about color choices for rooms, the ones that are chosen subtly affect all of us on a daily basis, even having the ability to influence the way we feel and think.

The way in which color affects people partly depends on the climate, their ethnicity, gender and age. Despite these basic differences, certain color groups elicit similar reactions from a majority of people. When you are preparing to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, considering the color of your countertops, backsplash, flooring and walls are thus very important.

Calming Blue Countertops

The color blue has been shown to lower blood pressure, heart rate and respiration. It is thus considered to be a color choice that aids relaxation and serenity. Because pastel blue may actually appear chilly, you might want to choose a warmer hue of blue for your countertops. This might include turquoise, periwinkle or other brighter shades.

When it is used as the primary color in your kitchen, it will have a calming effect. However, you should avoid using dark blue shades as your main room color, as darker blues have been shown to make people feel sad.

Blue white kitchen modern interior design house architecture

Raising Intensity With Red

Red is the color that is known to bring energy to your room, to you and to your guests. When people see red, their adrenaline, heart rate, respiration and blood pressure all increase.

Red is a great choice for your renovation project if your aim is to bring excitement to your room. Using red in a gathering place like your kitchen can bring people together and encourage conversation.

Relieve Stress With Green

Green is a terrific choice for kitchen countertops. The color of natural foliage, green helps to refresh you while it also relieves stress you might feel.

Green also works very well when combined with other earth tones.

Relieve Stress With Green

Classic White

Delicate, elegant and classic, white is a beautiful choice for your kitchen countertops. White countertops help to give the illusion that your kitchen has more space.

It also helps your room to have a clean appearance, and it works well when you combine it with bolder colors on your walls or furniture.

Classic White

Sophisticated Black

Sophisticated, powerful and formal, black countertops can help you make a statement.

It also looks terrific when you choose black countertops and a white natural stone backsplash and flooring, such as marble or granite.

The Subtle Statement Of Neutral

Neutral colors draw guests in and help make them feel comfortable. People react to rooms that use neutral color palettes by feeling invited. They are also very versatile, allowing you good variety in the overall design of your room.

You can use other colors to create contrasts for increased visual interest along with your neutral colors.

The Subtle Statement Of Neutral

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