Why Are Quartzite Countertops Considered High End?

Quartzite countertops are considered high end for a number of reasons. Not only does quartzite exude extraordinary beauty, but it is also quarried from the earth the same as granite, marble and soapstone. Also, quartzite is not to be confused with quartz. Quartz is a manufactured material that is derived from quartz crystals that have been combined with resins and pigments to form its shape.

Price Differences

There are varying price differences with natural materials such as granite, marble, and soapstone. Most natural materials average in the mid to higher ranges in pricing per the number of square feet installed. Quartz is somewhat in the lower price range while quartzite is higher than all four. The higher prices with quartzite have to do with the following:

Scarcity of Quartzite

The areas where quartzite is quarried are rare, which makes the availability of the stones scarce and costly. In contrast to granite, which is less costly, there are considerable more quarries in countries like India and Brazil.

Quarrying Limitations

Along with the scarcity of quartzite is the difficulty in extracting it where it is located. Like other natural stone materials, slabs must be cut from larger stone blocks and removed from a quarry. Finding quartzite is considerably more difficult than carving out granite and other natural stone blocks. Quartzite is a fragmented type of stone that is not easy to remove. Locating large enough sections of it is hard and once larger blocks have been found, other smaller and less usable pieces are simply wasted. In comparison to other natural stone extractions, the output with quartzite is considerably less.

Time Consuming

In relations to other natural stone materials, quartzite is a hard, rough and more abrasive stone, which makes it more difficult and time-consuming to quarry. Additional time is involved in both removing, cutting, polishing and fashioning it into actual slabs. Special tools in the form of diamond blades, wires, and polishing heads are also required in the finishing and fabrication process, which also create added material expense. Even with specialized machinery, cutting through quartzite takes considerable labor-intensive production and has to be completed in increments. Polishing the edges of quartzite also requires a longer procedure much more so than dealing with granite and other natural stone products.

High Demand

Because of the innate beauty of quartzite, it is in high demand. Homeowners, as well as interior designers and architects around the globe, want to incorporate its use in their various home and building projects. With this kind of demand, supplies are going to be limited and quartzite will be of higher value and cost to consumers.

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