What Is Santa Cecilia Granite?

Santa Cecilia granite is a type of granite that comes from Brazil, and which has recently become common in the marketplace. Because this is a little-known type of stone, it can be difficult to research. However, we have done the homework so that you don’t have to. Here is everything we know about Santa Cecilia granite.

In essence, Santa Cecilia is not much different from other forms of granite. You probably know that granite comes in a near-endless variety of colors and patterns, and Santa Cecilia is arguably one of the most beautiful and varied. It also stands out in another way: Its relatively low cost.

How Cheap Is It?

So, how much less expensive is Santa Cecilia granite? Let’s take a quick look. We have a lot of choices in terms of vendors here, so let’s pick a very common one: Home Depot. We could have picked any, so don’t mistake this random choice for favoritism. We chose this seller simply because they are one of America’s largest sellers of home improvement supplies.

Here’s a good example of Santa Cecilia’s price. It’s a sink top which is about 21 inches wide. Even with the hole in the middle, this is still a pretty big piece of stone. The cost is only $25.00, which is amazingly cheap.

Let’s compare this price to that of similar granite sink tops. Let’s take a look at this one. It’s 22 inches wide, making it only slightly larger than our Santa Cecilia sink top. This thing will set you back about $500.

To be fair, that one was black granite, and black granite is one of the more expensive types. Let’s look at something a little more average. This one is a similar-sized sink top (22 inches wide) and it’s made of Rosselin white granite. It will cost you a little less than $400.

Although you might not always find Santa Cecilia to be this much cheaper, we think the point is made. Santa Cecilia granite (on average) is going to be far cheaper than most other types.

Why Is Santa Cecilia Granite More Affordable?

There are several reasons for the low cost of this stone. First of all, this type of stone is very abundant in certain parts of Brazil. As we all know, rarity is often the main thing that determines an item’s price. Since this stone is not rare in the least, people are willing to sell it at much lower prices.

Another reason for the affordability of this stone comes from the fact that it is not well-known. Prestige also plays a big role in determining the price of a given item, and this relatively uncommon material doesn’t have the fame that it probably deserves.

What’s The Best Thing About Santa Cecilia Granite?

The best thing about Santa Cecilia granite is the huge variety of colors in which it can be bought. Most types of granite are found in one or (perhaps) a few different colors. Santa Cecilia, on the other hand, is found in a huge variety of different styles and colors. Although some colors and patterns are a little more expensive than others, all of them remain highly affordable.

Some would say that the best thing about this stone is its low cost, while others would probably point to its wide variety of colors. We consider both of these advantages to be equally important. This is a type of granite that virtually anyone can afford. At the same time, it makes no compromises in quality or beauty. With its huge color palette, this type of granite can match with the decor of any room easily.


Although there is not a whole lot of information to be had regarding this type of stone, you can assume it to be much like any other kind of granite. It will be hard, smooth, and will last for decades if cared for properly. Speaking of which, make sure that you seal the surface of your granite with one of the many products intended for this purpose. Even with the low cost of this stone, it would be a shame to ruin such a beautiful piece of nature with a stain or a blemish.

We hope that this article will help you to find the most affordable granite surface that you’ve ever bought. We also hope that you will fill out our contact form so that we can continue to bring you all this helpful information.

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