As a natural stone, granite can take your breath away in its warmth and innate beauty. From a practical standpoint, granite is a material that has stood the test of time and has been utilized in the past, and the present, to enhance and enrich almost any home. Designers love it for its versatility, and builders and contractors like it for its solidness and durability, but like any material, it has its range of high-end to medium and lower range product lines. So, where does Giallo Ornamental Granite fit in that range, and what is it that everyone should know about Giallo granite?

Giallo Origins

Giallo, which is sometimes known as Giallo Santo Granite, as well as a number of other “Ornamental” names, is a natural stone mined in Brazil. It has become one of the most prominent styles of granite in use today, and it can be used on floors, in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas.

Colors and Textures

What many people might not realize about Giallo is that it is categorized as a white granite, and it is widely used by designers in small spaces to enlarge them and create a feeling of openness and spaciousness. A kitchen is particularly well-suited for Giallo as the light and reflection that is created from it provides a welcoming environment, plus it makes food preparation and eating more enjoyable. Whether a room needs more or less light, Giallo Ornamental Granite is able to compensate for any light deficiencies in most any area where it is used. This aspect of light is another element of Giallo that homeowners might not know about or realize.

Though Giallo granite is considered a white granite, it varies in its patterns, colors and textural aspects. Cream and gold-like shades and beige colors predominate, but the stone’s base is still white with other integrated elements within it that can produce textural aspects, such as flecks and specks of brown, gray or bronze that occur within a Giallo slab.

Another positive attribute with the white background and more neutral color combinations running through Giallo granite is its uniform color balance that camouflages food debris, dust and even fingerprints.

Light and Dark Variants

Giallo is further distinguished by its lighter and darker versions. Giallo dark is composed of white bedrock that has flecks and specks that are a deep brown color that appear more black than brown. The lighter variety has more cream as a base with lighter brown specks. With both light and dark variants of Giallo granite, the slab is always going to reflect something different in both lighter and darker choices, so that is another reason to know and understand Giallo granite.


Veining is another more obscured aspect with Giallo granite, as the subtlety of veining sometimes escapes those looking for vein patterns in a beige and creamy base. Slight variations such as veining are going to be faint as are other slight distinctions with Giallo slab colors that contain gray honey, brown or golden hues.

All of the variations within the darker, lighter and traditional white granite are the result of mineral formation throughout Giallo granite slabs. That is why it is a must to ask for samples of lighter and darker versions of Giallo to determine what slab choices and elements within a slab are going to coordinate best with kitchen and bathroom areas along with the furnishings, flooring and lighting in those spaces.

Giallo Maintenance

Another important thing to know and note about Giallo Ornamental Granite is its resistance to stains and scratches and its ability to obscure food debris and fingerprints. Initial sealing, and subsequent yearly sealing, will help maintain Giallo granite, which inhibits absorption of moisture. Everyday cleaning is going to be fairly easy. All it takes to keep the countertop clean is a simple swipe of a cloth across its surface along with a little warm water and a watered down mild dish detergent. A final swipe with a dry white cloth should complete the process.

The beauty, refinement and warmth of Giallo coupled with its toughness, strength, durability and limited upkeep should be enough to convince any homeowner, designer and builder to utilize Giallo. If you want to know even more about this beautiful Ornamental granite, simply complete the online contact form and an expert will get back to you with the information you need. Giallo just might be one of the best granite selections you could possibly own.

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