Easy, Cheap, DIY Ways To Spook Up Your Kitchen This Halloween

Easy, Cheap, DIY Ways To Spook Up Your Kitchen This Halloween

The fall season is such an exciting time of year as it is the beginning of the major family holidays. Welcome the whimsy and fun of Halloween by redecorating your kitchen with a few of our hauntingly creative ideas. You don’t have to go overboard with expense or complication with a few of these simple touches around the room.

1. Begin With Spooky Windows

Feel free to get heavy-handed with the decorations featured on the windows and windowsills. It doesn’t create clutter the same as other areas so you could add fake spider webs, seasonal figurines, miniature pumpkins, or a homemade creation without worry. One easy DIY idea begins with draping a piece of white cloth over a round lollipop to create a miniature ghost figure to hang from the window.

2. Add Flare to Otherwise Ordinary Table Decor

The centerpiece of your table should be changed to match each season, including a fun Halloween theme. Use a neutral tablecloth before setting miniature painted pumpkins, a couple of seasonal black or silver candle holders, and spooky spiders in the center to set the mood.

3. Run Wild With Accessories

There are so many options each year to find inexpensive ways to swap plain accessories for Halloween-inspired extras. Check out the selection of placemats, glasses, potholders, dish towels, and wall art at your local craft store. Whether you prefer scary or whimsical, you are sure to find plenty of options to set the scene.

4. Feature Your Personalized Pumpkins

It’s a timeless, inexpensive family tradition to carve pumpkins or decorate with glue and a few small craft supplies. These props never go out of style because you can make a new design every single year without spending much. Place on a side table or unused countertop space before placing a candle inside to show off your haunting creations.

Enjoy a season of entertaining family and friends in a festive Halloween setting once you implement the new decor. Our designers have plenty of additional budget-friendly tips to share, in addition to solution to help you maximize your kitchen space. We encourage you to fill out the contact form for the opportunity to set up an appointment with our professionals.