What Is The Standard Kitchen Countertop Height?

People come in all shapes, sizes and heights, so how do you know what the perfect height for your kitchen counter should be? You want to be sure the counter is the right height for your entire family as well as for people who come to visit who may help you in the kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop Height Industry Standards

There are industry standards when it comes to kitchen counter height. The standard is 36 inches or three feet. If you are remodeling your kitchen, you will find that pre-built base cabinets are 34½ inches –  that will fit most manufacturer’s. Dishwashers, stoves and other built-in appliances are designed for this height as well.

Kitchen Countertop Ergonomic Standards

According to ergonomic experts, your elbow should bend at a 45-degree angle when hands are resting on the counter. If you stand that way and take your own measurements, you can create a counter height that is perfect for you. Just keep in mind that others may also need to use the counters and it may be difficult to find built-in appliances that fit a different height.

Kitchen Countertop Specialty Heights

There are cases when you need to create a counter that is different than the standard. If you are a shorter person, experts say that countertops at 32 inches work best while someone who is very tall would find counters at 38 or 39 inches more comfortable. The standard wheelchair height is 29 inches, so a counter that is between 31 and 34 inches is ideal. It is possible to create customized counters with different levels of countertop. You can have a contractor cut the base cabinets down lower to accommodate a wheelchair or for someone who is very short who needs special counter heights.

Consider an Island

If your family consists of people of varying heights, consider installing a kitchen island. You can add an island that is a different height than the counter surface. In addition, if you want the island to be used for meals, the height would need to be 42 inches to accommodate bar stools. By adding an island that is taller than the counter, you can accommodate different heights in your family who may be helping to prepare meals.

Although you want to be sure your kitchen counter is ergonomic and works well for your family’s needs, you also want to keep in mind how long you will remain in your home as well as how the different heights could affect the resale value of your home. For more information on countertop heights, complete the simple form online or give us a call.

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