Popular Salt and Pepper Granite Colors For Your Kitchen

Granite is one of the most popular choices for countertops and adds elegance to any room in your home. Granite is natural, created in the Earth’s core, so you have many options in colors. Granite is not as soft as marble so it resists staining. It is also stronger making it the perfect choice for rooms in your home that get the most traffic, like kitchens and bathrooms. It is also a good option for flooring and works well for fireplaces. One of the most popular granite colors, salt and pepper, adds an attractive, stunning look to your home.

Bianco CatalinaBianco Catalina Granite

Bianco Catalina granite is a salt and pepper granite slab that appears to be splattered with black, gray and white. It looks just as stunning with wooden flooring or cabinets as it does with sleek black or white. The granite, which is quarried in China, gives your bathroom or kitchen a clean, modern look. Include bright colors like red or gold in your backsplash for a hint of color. The bright colors paired with painted cabinets, antique furniture and throwback upholstery will make your room feel homey and comfortable.

Luna PearlLuna Pearl Granite

An export of Spain, Luna Pearl granite is a bold salt and pepper granite kitchen countertop. The rich white, black and gray veining looks elegant, almost like marble. A solid black countertop paired with Luna Pearl granite backsplash gives your kitchen a sophisticated look. It is also the perfect choice for bathrooms paired with mosaic tiles of metallic silver, gray and black. The counter looks excellent with subway tiles as well.

Valle NevadoValle Nevado Granite

Valle Nevado granite creates a calm feeling in any room with white and black specks that create a gray color. Add wooden countertops with a Valle Nevado granite countertop to create a timeless look. You can also use the granite as a backsplash for a modern look. Consider creating a mosaic using the granite with glass in gray, white, gold and green for a unique look.

White AlphaWhite Alpha Granite

The soft white background of White Alpha granite creates a multi-dimensional appearance. The granite is an excellent choice for bathroom walls, helping you create a spa in your own bathroom. Add a steam shower, whirlpool tub and heated towel racks to complete the look. White Alpha granite makes a bold statement in any room.

White Ornamental Granite

White OrnamentalThe name of this granite is slightly misleading as it is actually an off-white with gray and brown veining. White ornamental granite as an entry way floor will create a stunning look when guests enter your home. Tie the entrance into the living area by using the granite around the fireplace. If you are not sure about granite flooring, use it as a countertop paired with natural wood flooring and cabinets.

Salt and pepper is one of the most popular granite colors, allowing you to create a bold statement if you choose or an understated, comfortable feeling if that is what you prefer. It is versatile, stain-resistant and durable. If you are considering salt and pepper granite in your home, call us today or complete the easy form online to learn more.

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