How Often Should I Remodel My Kitchen?

Everyone who’s anyone is into remodeling or renovation projects and it seems as though the popularity of it all gains a steady momentum every day. Homeowners and do-it-yourselfers are bent on changing something either to improve their home or complete a sideline fixer-upper for their own satisfaction, or for future resale value.

Popularity of Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen Projects

Kitchen projects seem to be the going thing of the moment along with bathrooms and open living room areas, but in realistic terms, how often should you update your kitchen? The answer usually depends on a number of factors. There are no rules that say, it’s time to update your kitchen, as most homeowners reasons for remodeling are different, but there are times when homeowners should think about making changes and modernizing or refreshing the design, décor and arrangement of their kitchens.


The average time-frame between remodeling a kitchen area, according to remodeling statistics, is around ten to fifteen years. In that period of time, a kitchen can lose its fashion sense. Cabinets, countertops, flooring and walls may be dated, environmentally toxic, or simply require repair or replacement. Further renovation may be necessary to improve upon the overall appearance of the kitchen’s design to accommodate new walls and spaces, larger appliances, an island, expanded flooring areas, additional cabinets and other furnishings and décor.

Improved Functioning

Most homeowners want to see improved functioning in their kitchens. They want a kitchen space to be fully organized and operational in terms of dealing with how much time has to be spent in the kitchen to complete a task as well as handle the amount of traffic that passes through a kitchen on any given day.

Placement and access are the keys and when a kitchen is designed or laid out well, it becomes fully functional and allows easy access to appliances, utensils, countertops, cabinetry and other areas.

Functioning is a big part of remodeling these days and when a specific layout gives quick and easy connection to everything in the space, there is more time to enjoy the area and the time spent there.

Is it Really Time to Remodel?

Another factor that many homeowners face is the innate feeling that they actually do need to take the time to upgrade or remodel their kitchens. When that nagging instinct tells you that it is time to do something to take the drudgery out of life in the kitchen, then you are probably on the right track.

Maybe you simply want a sense of freshness and a more modern look of openness to your kitchen, or you want an expanded kitchen space to prepare gourmet meals, or you have plans of putting your home on the market and want a distinct selling point. Whatever the reason, there is no set rule on when or how often you should remodel a kitchen. Budgeting should, of course, be part of the decision, but if the funds are there, put your thoughts into action.


When a homeowner plans on taking on a kitchen remodeling project, he or she should think about working with remodeling specialists. Renovation can be overwhelming and with the help of specialists in the field, the project can go a whole lot smoother and efficiently.

If you need advice concerning kitchen remodeling, complete the online form and a specialist will get back to you with the information you need to initiate your project and develop the kitchen you’ve always wanted. We can point you in the right direction and offer the kind of help you need to make your new kitchen space a reality.

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