Kitchen Design: How To Match Your Granite Countertop With Your Cabinets

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, you may be considering granite countertops. Granite is one of the most popular choices in countertops, but there are things you should understand before choosing granite. You want to be sure your cabinets work well with the granite you choose. If you are wondering how to match your granite countertop, these tips can help.

White or Tan Granite Countertop?

Most people believe that it would be easy to match cabinets with white or tan granite. However, granite is rarely ever pure white. In fact, it is usually off-white with flecks or veins of darker colors. Dark cabinets of espresso or black create a contrast, but you may find that too stark. Instead, try to find cabinets that tie into the veining of the granite rather than the background. You may also consider glazing your current cabinets so that they better match white or tan granite.

What Matches Medium to Dark Granite

If you are wondering how to match your granite countertop that is medium to dark, you may want to consider natural wood, like oak. If you already have oak cabinets, consider a granite that is medium-brown with gold or caramel veining. You can also add contrast by choosing granite with very light or very dark veining which work well with hickory or maple cabinets. If you have a lot of natural light in your room, consider black cabinets with granite with dark veining but lighter backgrounds.

Colors That Go Well With Dark to Black Granite

Dark to black granite makes a very bold statement in a room and you want your cabinetry to match that statement. Cherry cabinets actually compliment black granite, creating sophistication and elegance. An espresso finish gives the appearance of black without being exactly like the countertop. Although white is a popular option for dark to black granite, you are not limited to light or white cabinets. Gray is an option, but you can add a whimsical look by adding brightly colored cabinets of blue, green or yellow.

Choosing the right natural stone for your project can be intimidating. If you need assistance or guidance in choosing the right granite or the right cabinetry for your home improvement or commercial project, our knowledgeable, friendly staff can help. They can guide you through the process and help you choose the granite or cabinets that will match your style and chosen décor. Contact us today by phone or by completing the easy form online.

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