Remodeling your kitchen can be a fun, exciting project, especially if you love to cook. If you have always wanted a gourmet kitchen designed for famous chefs, it may surprise you to learn that it is not that difficult to achieve that goal. Kitchen design experts who have created stunning kitchens for some of the best chefs in the world say that the questions they are asked are not that different than those asked by the average home cook, such as the amount of storage and where appliances will be located. However, there are some tips you can learn from top chefs when it comes to designing your own kitchen.

Choose the Sink Location First

The sink is the most used item in every kitchen which is why you want to be sure it is placed in a functional location. Sinks need preparation space around them, so avoid placing it next to a large appliance. Most top chefs choose deep sinks, so it is easier to hide those dirty dishes or wash large pots.

Consider Adding an Island

If you have large enough kitchen, adding an island, or even a peninsula that faces a dining area, can be very helpful. If you enjoy friends and family gathered in the kitchen while you prepare food, placing a cooktop on an island is the perfect way to be the center of attention during dinner prep. Islands and peninsulas also add additional preparation space which allows you to recruit helpers as you prepare meals.

Choose Durable Countertops

Hard food preparation surfaces are a must for any top chef’s kitchen. Choose natural stone like granite, quartz or marble. If your countertop gets used often, you may want to choose quartz which is extremely durable, resistant to scratches and chips. Pastry chefs may prefer marble as the coolness of the stone makes it easier to manipulate dough.

Useful but Attractive Appliances

Most professional chefs want specific types of appliances in their home kitchen. Many times, these appliances, like heavy-duty stoves or large refrigerators, are designed for commercial kitchens for heavy duty use and not for aesthetics. However, it is possible to get commercial-grade appliances with attractive finishes. By pairing the right cabinetry, you can avoid the stark, cold look of a commercial kitchen and still have the heavy-duty equipment you want.

Avoid Cabinet Hardware

Although a drawer pull may seem to make things easier while working in your kitchen, they actually create more issues than they are worth. While leaning against a counter working, it is not comfortable to have a drawer handle pressed into your stomach. Eliminating door pulls gives your cabinetry a sleek, clean surface. Search for cabinets with integrated pulls or touch-to-open options.

Solid Cabinet Doors

Although glass-front or open cabinets may be charming, it can be difficult to use on a day-to-day basis. Instead, choose concealed storage spaces in your kitchen. Even if you have beautiful plates or other items you enjoy displaying, you want to keep the dust to a minimum in your kitchen, something that is difficult with open cabinets. With glass-front cabinets, you must keep everything stored in that cabinet neat and organized since it is visible.

These are just a few tips taken from experts who work with the pros. If you need assistance designing your dream kitchen, contact us today by phone or by completing the simple online form. Our expert team can help you create a kitchen that is exactly what you and your family need.

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