Focus On These Two Rooms To Increase The Resale Value Of Your Home

As a homeowner, you have increased or sustained resale value on your mind at all times, even if selling your home isn’t something you necessarily have on your agenda any time soon. A home is an investment, and as a result, you want to keep that investment more than equitable.

Given that fads come and go in home décor and materials, you often find yourself looking down the barrel of what can seem like a massive remodel, to keep your house contemporary and our value up. But, this isn’t actually necessary. You needn’t spend a small fortune on a massive remodel to up your house’s value and keep up with the times.

For one, there are choices you can make that remain timeless and future-proof, and this is especially true when you consider that when remodeling our house, there are only two rooms that matter above all else. When you looked for a house, which two rooms did you spend the most time scrutinizing for their practicality and materials involved? Was it the bedroom, or the living room? No, it was the kitchen and the bathroom(s), was it not?

These are the two rooms you need to put the most effort into remodeling, as most other rooms are pretty superficial to renovate when the house is purchased. The real elbow grease would have to go into these two key areas of the house. Let’s take a look at things to consider when remodeling these two most important parts of your home.

The Kitchen

The kitchen’s importance isn’t just that meals are prepared there. Oh, this is a crucial factor in size and layout, but it goes beyond that. The kitchen is the social hub of most homes, especially in the post-television, modern world where the family no longer convenes in the living room for evening broadcasts.

Many people even have their family meals in an area of the kitchen, entertain company there, and much more. As a result, it tends to be one of the places most homeowners like to express themselves in their décor, schemes and the like. This is understandable.


Kitchen flooring is important. You need an attractive, durable material which is easy to clean, is scratch-resistant, stain-resistant, mildew and mold-resistant, and very easy to clean. It helps if it’s also capable of the most diverse aesthetic and design capabilities.

Ceramic tile checks off all of these boxes entirely. You can get ceramic tile that looks like linoleum, hard wood, marble, or any number of creative patterns that match the motif you want. It lasts a long time, and it’s very affordable.

Backsplashes and Counters

Backsplashes defend your walls from, well, splashes, steam and other abuse. You’ll want a similar material to flooring that is resistant to mold and mildew, is easy to clean, and can look the way you want. Ceramic or porcelain tile works excellently here, and various creative patterns achieved with this are all the rage today. They can look timeless, and match any type of scheme you’re after.

Amazingly, it works just as well for countertops.

The Bathroom

The bathroom is actually a bit simpler, but you’ll care about the same slip-resistance, durability and resistance to mold/mildew and bacteria. You’ll want to plan your flooring with walk-in showers in mind, ad they are the new, modern standard.

Ceramic tile, once more, works excellently for bathroom walls, floors, countertops and much more. You can create a neutral, welcoming and timeless bathroom that’ll last the lifetime of the house if properly cared for.

Sustainable and Buyer-Appealing

Using ceramic and porcelain tile like these for your kitchen and bathroom provides a green, affordable, low-maintenance option that buyers look for in modern times. Meanwhile, it’s attractive and future-proof and should they wish to make changes, modifying tile is so much easier than just about any other material application out there.

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