Your Bathroom Is Nasty! Here's What You Forgot To Clean

Most of us understand that a bathroom needs to be cleaned, and we regularly do so to try to keep it in a sanitary condition. There are certain things people tend to do, however, that can make the bathroom a breeding ground for bacteria.

Here are some common areas that people forget to clean and that can end up making you sick.

Shower Curtains and Liners

Many of us fail to wash our shower curtains and liners on a regular basis. This can cause mold to grow. When mold forms, you can then end up inhaling the spores and getting sick as a result.

Curtains and liners can be washed in the washing machine, and you should wash them as soon as you see cloudiness begin to build up on them.

All of the Parts of Your ToiletAll of the Parts of Your Toilet

While most of us know to wipe off the top of the toilet, clean the seat and rim and use cleaner in the bowl, we forget to clean all of the parts of the toilet. It’s best to start from the top and work your way down, taking care to clean the little nooks and crevices of it.

After you have scrubbed it with your toilet brush, make sure to clean your brush as well instead of returning it unwashed to its holder.

Soap DishesSoap Dishes

If you must use bar soap, then make sure to clean the dish your soap sits in regularly. Bacteria will grow in these dishes and even on your soap.

If you instead use liquid hand soap, you should still make certain to clean off the pump part of the bottle with disinfectant between uses.

Bath Loofahs and Sponges

Bath Loofahs

Many people love using bath loofahs and sponges in their showers, so if you do, make sure that you don’t use them for too long.

Bacteria can quickly build up in these accessories and cause infection. You should replace them at least every three months.

Faucet Handles, Towel Racks, Light Switches and Door Knobs

Anywhere someone can touch, they leave germs behind. Whether a family member or friend forgets to wash their hands, or they simply don’t wash them well enough, they can leave germs behind on the faucet handles, light switch, towel rack and door knob of your bathroom.

Make certain to regularly clean all of these types of surfaces to prevent bacteria and viruses from building up on them.

When you make certain to add these small tasks to your regular bathroom cleaning routine, you can help to keep you and your family from passing illnesses back and forth. You’ll also be able to enjoy a bathroom that sparkles.

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