Why You Should Upgrade Your Fireplace When Renovating Your Living Room

If you moved into a home that already had an existing living room fireplace, there is a good chance that it is a builder grade feature. This means that it was added to the construction as a budget item, and will not be as efficient or aesthetically pleasing as an upgraded fireplace.

Anytime you are planning upgrades in the living room, consider the following reasons to make the fireplace a priority.

Visual Appeal

The eye is naturally drawn to the fireplace in any room, even if it’s plain and outdated. With attractive upgrades to the exterior, it has the potential to become beautiful and inviting.

There are so many options that you can incorporate modern design elements with your own personal style to create an awe-inspiring feature.

Improved Efficiency

Old masonry fireplaces are only appealing for the visual benefit because most of the heat escapes through the chimney instead of projecting into the home. Even worse is the cold draft of air that it lets in when not in use. This makes the HVAC system work much harder to properly control the temperature that is set on the thermostat.

A simple upgrade to improve efficiency is to install a fireplace insert and well-sealed doors to get a much greater level of air control.

Zone Heating

An efficient fireplace that can provide enough heat for a single room allows for the option of zone heating. If you’re home alone or everyone is gathered in the living room, the HVAC system can be set to low or turned off.

The upgraded living room fireplace should provide more than enough heating to keep your friends and family cozy on the coldest nights.

Reduced Heating Cost

Any efforts to increase efficiency of the existing fireplace are going to put more money in your pocket. The less expense you pay for heating in the winter is going to cover any investment you make in the necessary fireplace upgrades.

A lot of household upgrades have the potential to increase value, and the fireplace is a smart place to begin investing. Speak with a contractor to find out the options to improve the look and functionality of your living room fireplace.

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