What Is The Difference Between A Crack And A Fissure In Granite?

The natural characteristics contained in a slab of granite are the features that make it look unique. Fissures might appear similar to a crack in the countertop, but they’re not the same at all. Although you might be able to feel a slightly different texture in the area of the fissure, it isn’t a sign of weakness like a real physical separation.

Fissures will not impair or affect the integrity of the stone. A fissure is a naturally occurring characteristic of stone, which can be weak points and can crack open, but usually do not. An actual crack is real a problem because it represents a physical separation of the stone.

What Causes Fissures

A crack is created by accident, usually as a granite slab is being polished or transported to a different location. Fissures are not caused by these same conditions because they take on these characteristics as they are developing underground.

As they are removed, the manufacturing companies or granite miners will look for any fissures so that they can be filled before making it available for sale. If they are overlooked, these visible fissures can eventually turn into separation in the granite.

Filling a Granite Crack

One of the biggest problems with cracks in granite is that it ruins the protective seal against bacteria. If a fissure becomes a crack, the empty area can fill with all types of loose debris and make it easier for bacteria to thrive.

Separations in the stone also make it less strong, and the cracks can become larger or wider over time. A very long fissure that could become a real crack should be filled and sealed professionally so that the small blemishes do not grow severe enough to ruin your investment.

You should never try to handle any granite repairs on your own, especially if you just want to ensure that a simple fissure does not turn into a crack. It’s too easy to mess up the entire slab if you accidentally apply the wrong product or use the wrong filling technique. Our professionals offer to fill any gaps in your granite and then finish the job with a protective coating for the highest level of protection. Set up a visit by calling 908.782.7773 to arranging a time that we can inspect and repair your granite countertop.

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