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White Ice

Available colors & finishes

Imported from Brazil, White Ice granite is flecked with black on a pale grey background.

It is a dramatic option for walls, countertops or floors and can be used in commercial residential, indoor or outdoor projects.

White Ice Granite Designer Thoughts

Cherry cabinets are perfect to draw out the black flecks in White Ice granite. Dark colored subway tile as a backsplash and pewter fixtures will finish the look. Gray cabinets are another unique way to bring out the subtle grays in White Ice.

Add dark wood floors and stainless appliances to create a modern yet comfortable look. Sage green walls, variated brown vertical tile as a backsplash and an undermount sink create a stunning look for a bathroom with the granite.

Keep In Mind

Granite should be cleaned with mild soap and water as harsh chemicals can strip the finish, leaving your countertop or floors looking dull.

Be sure to use a cutting board as White Ice granite can scratch. Always use trivets and hot pads as grit trapped on the bottom of pans can scratch, although heat will not damage the countertop.

Sweep granite floors often and be sure that there are throw rugs near entrances to catch any grit that may be caught on shoes or feet. Wipe up spills quickly, especially acidic substances like tomato sauce, wine or coffee, as they can stain the countertop. Oil can also discolor granite countertops so do not store decorative oil bottles on the counter.

If you are considering White Ice for your project, contact us today by calling 908.782.7773 or complete the easy form online.


Primary Color(s) : White

Other Industry Names(AKA) : Aspen White

Stone Type : Granite

Country : Brazil

Available Finishes: Polished

Variations : Medium

NSF Certified®

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Available Sizes

Slabs & Countertops

Size: 2 CM3 CM,






Residential / Commercial

Countertops : Yes

Flooring : Yes

Wall / Backsplash : Yes

Freezing Climate : Yes

Exterior Usage : Yes

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