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Available colors & finishes

The name is not the only thing unique about Ubatuba granite. The name comes from the area of Brazil where the granite is found. Ubatuba is black with flecks of gold, gray and green, creating a stunning look in any application, whether your project is indoors or outdoors.

Ubatuba Granite Designer Thoughts

Distressed white cabinets and natural wooden floors are the perfect match for Ubatuba granite. Add a gray tile backsplash and stainless appliances to draw out the flecks of gray in the granite.

Natural oak cabinets with a varnished light wood floor and a natural stone backsplash create a comfortable, homey look in your kitchen. Add brushed stainless steel appliances and pewter fixtures for a unique look as well.

Creating an outdoor living space? Use brick to create a base and top with a slab of Ubatuba for a durable, unique outdoor table. Small pieces of the granite can be adapted for use as well. Attach handles to create a stunning serving tray or surround an outdoor firepit with Ubatuba.


Keep In Mind

Granite can stain, especially when acidic materials are allowed to remain on for long periods of time. Wipe up spills quickly, especially tomato sauces, coffee or wine.

Oils can also discolor Ubatuba Granite, so be sure to wipe up oil spills and never store decorative oil bottles on your counter. Always use cutting boards to avoid scratches. Although placing a hot pan directly from the stove on the counter will not scorch, grit trapped on the bottom of the pan can lead to scratches. Always use trivets and hotpads on your countertops.

Ubatuba is an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor projects. To learn more, contact us by phone at 908.782.7773 or fill out the easy form online.


Primary Color(s) : Green

Other Industry Names(AKA) : Bahia Green,Labrador Green,Verde Ubatuba

Stone Type : Granite

Country : Brazil

Available Finishes: Polished, Brushed, Flamed

Variations : Low

NSF Certified®

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Available Sizes

Slabs & Countertops

Size: 2 CM3 CM,






Residential / Commercial

Countertops : Yes

Flooring : Yes

Wall / Backsplash : Yes

Freezing Climate : Yes

Exterior Usage : Yes

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