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Granite Colors

Available colors & finishes

Blue Pearl granite, which is imported from Norway, is durable enough for any residential project and is even an excellent choice for commercial projects.

This granite has shades of gray and blue with specks of beige and white. It is also appropriate for outdoor wall cladding if you are working on an outdoor living space.

Blue Pearl Granite Designer Thoughts

Give your kitchen a contemporary look with wooden cabinets, stainless steel appliances and Blue Pearl countertops. The granite also looks outstanding with white cabinets, the flecks in the granite blending well with white.

White subway tile used as a backsplash against Blue Pearl in an outdoor kitchen provides a sleek, professional look. Add a mosaic sunken sink in a bathroom vanity surrounded by the blue granite gives the room an eclectic, artistic feel.

Keep In Mind

Blue Pearl granite should be protected with a high-quality sealant. Although it is hard, granite can be somewhat porous, so the sealant helps keep protect it from stains. Always use a cutting board, not only to protect your knives but also to keep from scratching your countertops. Small scratches may not be visible, but can expose small areas of open granite that will allow bacteria to collect.

Wipe spills immediately as granite can stain, especially if the spill is an acidic material like coffee, tomato sauce or wine. Oils can also damage countertops so wipe an oil spills quickly and do not store oil bottles or jars on countertops.

If you are considering Blue Pearl granite for your next remodeling project, contact Flemington Granite for more information. You can reach us through the simple online form or by calling 908.782.7773.


Primary Color(s) : Blue

Other Industry Names(AKA) : Blue Pearl

Stone Type : Granite

Country : Norway

Available Finishes: Polished

Variations : Medium

NSF Certified®

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Available Sizes

Slabs & Countertops

Size: 2 CM3 CM,






Residential / Commercial

Countertops : Yes

Flooring : Yes

Wall / Backsplash : Yes

Freezing Climate : Yes

Exterior Usage : Yes

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