Key Tactics the Pros Use When Choosing The Perfect Bathtub

Cleansing the body used to be the primary purpose of having a bathtub in the home. Over the years, manufacturers have transformed the boring standard bathtub into one of the most luxurious features of the entire bathroom. Unwind at the end of the day with a relaxing full-body soak in the comfort of a contoured tub. Or you could choose a more powerful, invigorating whirlpool to alleviate nagging aches and pains. Take the time to do the research and make decisions that are going to enhance your bathing experience and benefit your lifestyle.

5 Rules to Follow When Deciding on a Bath Tub

1. Measure the Space

Wait to begin the looking for the perfect tub until you accurately measure the exact dimensions of your available space. It’s not good enough to simply estimate because you could end up disappointed when you’re faced with installation problems. Once you know the size, it’s easy to narrow the types of installations that you could use in the bathroom.

2. Weigh the Pros and Cons of Different Material Types

Until you begin shopping, you probably don’t realize how many different options there are for bathtub surface materials. Consider some key factors of a few popular materials before selecting the right tub:

  • Acrylic
    • Naturally warm, easy to maintain, and very durable.
  • Porcelain Coated Steel
    • Low cost, glossy, durable, easy to clean.
  • Enameled Cast Iron
    • Very strong, durable, and high gloss finish.
    • Heavy, cold to the touch, limited sizes/shape options, and difficult to clean.
  • Fiberglass
    • Inexpensive, light-weight, and many sizes/shape options.
    • Susceptible to stains, short lifespan, susceptible to mold and stains.

3. Make Sure It’s Comfortable

Decide which member of the household is going to use the tub the most and cater to their needs and preferences. It makes the most sense to try out a few options to make sure the size, shape, and features meet the expectations of this person.

Consider these tips when shopping for a bathtub:

  • Choose a model that features a backrest to add to the comfort of the bather.
  • Get inside to make sure that they can also extend their legs fully when reclined.
  • Select a backrest with an accommodating slope and height for the user.

Make Sure the bathroom is Comfortable

4. Put Quality Over Price

A low quality product might look similar to more expensive tubs on the outside, but inferior products aren’t going to last. Tearing out and replacing a bathtub isn’t easy, and the best thing that you can do is invest in a bath that is going to last.

 5. Add Features that Increase Luxury

If the bath is going to be used for long, relaxing soaks, then why not add some enhancements? Pamper aching muscles and wash away tensions with one of the following massage systems:

      • Jetted Bath
        • Similar to a heated spa, jetted systems offer a more direct massage through a series of pressurized streams.
        • These tubs are not a high recommendation because water gets trapped in the system and only clears when it is being used later. Algae and bacteria accumulate and create a nasty slime that is difficult to fully disinfect.
      • Air Bath
        • This system pulls in and heats air before releasing it through jets near the bottom of the tub to create a bubble massage.
        • Automatic drying after every use prevents water from settling in the system so that everything is clean and hygienic.
        • Pressure is distributed evenly and settings can be adjusted to make the bath more relaxing or energetic.

Types of Tubs

Sizes and shapes vary greatly from the ordinary corner tub that is set against a wall of the bathroom. Unless there is a size constraint, there’s no reason to settle for a shower/bath combo that offers very little in the way of relaxation. Don’t be afraid to be bold by selecting a type with more personality and luxury features based on the primary use.

Features to Consider

Options and accessories are available to enhance the bathing experience from a basic personal hygiene practice. Bubbles and jets are a popular request when it’s time to upgrade because they help circulate heat and provide exceptional relaxation. Chromatherapy is an LED system that projects underwater to set a relaxing mood. Underwater speaker panels are another accessory that works through the water to create a full experience of sound and vibrations. Consider installing digital controls to customize temperature, jet flow, music, and any other add-one from the convenience of a touchpad.

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