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Can Silestone Counters Be Chipped, Or Scratched?

Silestone Maintenance

Silestone and Caesarstone are both well-known brands of quartz countertops that look very similar to granite. Both companies have excellent reputations for providing outstanding products and customer service, but many customers question how does Silestone compare to Caesarstone.

Although the companies are similar, there are some differences in their countertops.

Color Selection

Silestone offers a larger color variety than Caesarstone while most of the styles offered by Caesarstone are imported from other countries. For customers who prefer to keep things simple, choosing countertop colors quickly and immediately, this could make the decision more difficult. If you are a customer who likes to have a wide range of options, Silestone may be the better choice.

Quartz Percentages

There are slight differences in the amount of quartz contained in the counter tops, which helps to answer the question how does Silestone compare to Caesarstone.

Silestone contains at least 90 percent quartz while Caesarstone contains at least 93 percent. This slight difference is really not important and if there is a Silestone design you prefer, the slightly lower amount of quartz will not change the durability or beauty of the countertops.

Warranty Differences

Since quartz countertops maintain themselves well with proper care, warranties are rarely used. However, Silestone offers a 10-year warranty with a 15-year warranty on some products.

Caesarstone offers a limited-lifetime warranty on their countertops. This means that if something should go wrong with your countertop, you have peace of mind that it should be covered.

When looking at how does Silestone compare to Caesarstone, the differences are very minimal. No matter which company you choose, you will receive a quality product and excellent customer service.

If you are in the market for quartz countertop, contact us today to learn more about both Silestone and Caesarstone products. You can reach us by phone or complete the simple query form online to reach our knowledgeable, friendly customer service representatives.

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