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Natural Stone Countertops in
Bernardsville, New Jersey

Natural Stone, Timeless Beauty

A beautiful and modern kitchen helps to draw people in as they congregate and socialize together for dinner celebrations with friends and family.

Richly designed kitchens using classic features and high-quality stone or engineered stone countertops can be combined with such features as tiled backsplashes, top-of-the-line fixtures and marble or granite flooring, providing the warmth and ambiance you want.

Updating kitchens or bathrooms with high-quality materials can also provide homeowners with the added benefits of substantially increasing the value of their homes with higher-than-average returns on their investments.

Natural Stone Countertops in Bernardsville, New Jersey

When you choose granite for your countertops, you will be able to select from a wide variety of different hues to bring life and luxury to your kitchen. Since it is porous, you can have one of our professionals seal your countertops for increased resilience.

Granite is very durable and is resistant to heat, acid exposure and scratching. You can choose lighter shades of granite to add a sense of space and openness to your kitchen or instead select a more colorful granite to add brightness. By adding marble flooring, you can provide the finishing touch to your beautiful and luxurious new kitchen.

Granite Countertops in Bernardsville in Bernardsville, New Jersey

Quartz Countertops in Bernardsville, New Jersey

Highly customizable, engineered stone countertops are made of quartz. The engineering and manufacturing of quartz countertops make them one of the most durable options for your countertop needs.

Made of ground quartz combined with pigment and resins, quartz countertops are very strong and non-porous. This makes them low-maintenance as they will not require professional resealing and are stain-resistant.

They come in many different colors and styles, allowing you to easily complement your cabinets and paint for a transformed look.

We offer a variety of products from the following manufacturers:

Marble Countertops in Bernardsville, New Jersey

For thousands of years, marble has been the top choice for people who want a luxurious, high-end and lasting result in their homes. Marble countertops with their beautiful veins and sleekness can reflect light, providing a shining finish with unique color variations.

Marble countertops may be used in either kitchens or bathrooms, but for kitchen use, they must be sealed as the stone is porous.

We offer many other Natural Stone Products including:

Granite Countertops in French Town

Modern Kitchen and Bath Designs in Bernardsville, New Jersey

At Flemington Granite, our professional designers are specialists in combining functionality, durability, visual appeal and modern designs to achieve the most beautiful and timeless results for our customers. We are able to make any kitchen or bathroom space up-to-date, working with the room’s size and our customer’s tastes to create an elegance that will last.

If you are ready to consider updating your kitchen or bathroom, we will be happy to help you with a free consultation. To see what we can offer, stop by our showroom, and we’ll be happy to help. You can also fill out your information in the contact form or call us at (908) 782-7773.

Granite Countertops in Califon, New Jersey

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

It’s no secret that the investment in a bathroom or kitchen remodel is a guarantee of a high return. We look forward to helping you make the most of your current space by giving you the freedom to combine your ideas with our resources. Feel free to get in touch with us at 908.782.7773 to set up a time to browse our showroom.

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