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Countertops for Hotels & Restaurants

Hospitality Countertops

From front desks to coffee bars, you have plenty of spaces to add some stunning countertops for your hospitality business. These countertops are not just for the kitchen or bathroom areas. You can brighten up the look of your hospitality center while providing some much-needed amenities for your customers. For those who want to boost the appearance of those public spaces, make sure to speak to the team at Flemington Granite.

Hospitality Countertops

When you think of a countertop, you probably are reminded of those spaces in a kitchen or bathroom. If you are in the hospitality business, you can definitely add some upgrades to those spaces. Bathroom areas are the one place where almost every customer will use. Along with some modern touches and amenities, a countertop can show off your company’s personality. When you choose a durable material, it can last for a long time, even after extended use.

Some hotels have public areas where guests will gather. If you change out a plain coffee bar space for something with granite or quartz, it will create a conversational area for your clients. You know that these spots are great for the customers, but they tend to be a hot spot for spills and grime. With an attractive countertop, these spaces can be easily maintained while you keep up the beauty of the public areas.

With luxurious countertops, your guests will want to gather and spend time in those areas. Many hotels even offer a place for continental breakfasts or light meals. An updated counter is a perfect way to increase the happiness of your visitors. You can replace those drab-looking spaces with something dazzling. Provide a space for your guests to start the day so that they can grab a cup of coffee or sit down to a bowl of cereal. At the end of the night, they might not want to go back to their rooms. Now they have a place to relax before retiring for the evening.

Let’s not forget about those other spaces, such as the front desk. When your guests enter the building, they can be greeted by a beautiful countertop. A granite or quartz counter provides your hospitality center with a welcoming impression. A broken countertop sends the wrong message to your guests. Since front desks are functional, they take a lot of abuse. Suitcases can scratch the surface, or ink can spill on the counter. With durable materials, you never have to worry about wear and tear in these spaces.

Countertops will even look great in those relaxation spaces, like a pool or spa area. These spaces can be easily wiped down and cleaned throughout the day. You might even want to replace those countertops in the guest rooms. Upgrade the appearance of all those spaces around your property with luxurious countertops.

If you have a business in the hospitality industry, Fleming Granite has you covered. We have plenty of options for your countertop areas. Whether you are looking for an artificial or natural material, we have the perfect countertop for you that is ready to meet your hospitality business needs.

Choose Flemington Granite for Your Commercial Project

From those coffee bars to welcoming front desks, a countertop is a perfect way to greet your guests. They will appreciate the functionality and beauty of these countertops throughout your building. At Flemington Granite, our team provides exceptional customer service with every project. Along with that, you can trust us to bring your design ideas to life. Once you select your gorgeous countertops, our team will professionally install them.

We will be with you the entire step of the project, from designing to installing the countertops. We understand your needs, especially for those in the hospitality business. You will be amazed at our craftsmanship that is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. If you are ready to add some stunning hospitality countertops, please call our office at 908-782-7773.

Customer Reviews

Promises were made and kept, Schedules were made and kept, Questions were asked and answered. Quality and workmanship were excellent! I am a happy customer!


Glen Trenton, NJ

Adam was great! My wife and I appreciated that there was no pressure to purchase right away and all of our questions about the stone/granite were fully answered.


Robert Flemington, NJ

Everyone was very helpful and knowledgeable. We enjoyed Cliff helping us the first time we came in to pick out a slab. Thank you for everything, our kitchen looks great! 100% better than before

Erin Stewartsville, NJ

I have made 3 purchases from your company and have been VERY satisfied with all aspects of the process from ordering, selection & installation.  I was especially pleased that your company corrected an error with out being asked!

Karen Flemington

I will say that Flemington gave me the most help, patience and confidence, that I would be more then satisfied and I am beyond satisfied. Thank you.

John Edison, NJ
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