10 Things Women Want More Than Diamonds

While diamonds have long been characterized as the best friends of women, most women would rather have kitchens that speak to their souls. When women think about entertaining, they often wish they had the perfect space in which they can create masterful dishes while they are also socializing with their friends and family.

There may be nothing more satisfying than seeing the look of enjoyment on a friend’s face when he or she tries the latest creation. Conversations around kitchen tables combined with delectable food and tasteful wines can help create lifelong memories. In order to create those memories, here are 10 things most women would want more than diamonds when they are creating their perfect dream kitchens.

1. Creating space

Having a giant kitchen does not top the list for women. Rather, having at least the sense of space is important. Some women want to update their existing kitchens while others want to gut them and start new. The desired end result for both options is a space that is more open, preferably with a kitchen island for added preparation room.

2. Going stainless

Women love the look and durability of stainless steel appliances, sinks and faucets. If possible, having a chef-style stainless steel stove is one of the top choices for most women when they think about a beautiful kitchen. Double stainless-steel sinks or sinks installed in two different areas with one designed for prep work and the other designed for clean-up are just added bonuses.

3. Natural stone or quartz engineered countertops rule the roost

Nothing calls to a woman’s sense of functionality and luxury like the beauty and durability of countertops made out of natural or engineered stone. The expanse of beautiful countertops that can withstand the heavy uses women who love to cook subject them to is among the top choices of women everywhere.

4. Liven up the room with a colorful tiled backsplash

Installing tiled backsplashes can really help women to express their personalities while also adding beauty to the room. Most love the look of beautifully colored tiled backsplashes while also appreciating how easy they are to clean.

5. Think flooring

Hardwood flooring is always popular in the kitchen. Many women love that natural look that beautiful hardwoods can provide, bringing nature into the kitchen from outdoors. Others want to use natural stone as their flooring choices. You can’t go wrong with either.

6. Stylistic choices differ between generations

Women who are younger characterize their stylistic preferences primarily as being contemporary or modern. Those who are older, especially those who are older than 55, tend to describe their preferences as being for traditionally styled kitchens.

7. The primary motivation

Overwhelmingly, women want to update or completely redo their kitchens in order to increase their own personal satisfaction. The top motivator for people who decide to remodel their kitchens is to improve the look and feel of the rooms. The second top motivator is to improve the functionality of the rooms.

8. Neutral colors win

While bold and bright colors are choices for other areas of the home, a majority of women prefer to go with light neutrals for the walls of their kitchens. The neutrals can be broken up by splashes of color with artwork and backsplashes to create visual interest.

9. Reducing the ecological impact

As more people have become aware of the importance of living green, many are choosing eco-friendly appliances for their kitchens. In addition to green appliances, people also love features like in-kitchen composters to reduce their environmental footprints.

10. Classic wood cabinetry

High-end wooden cabinets with beautiful cabinet door pulls also come in towards the top of the dream list for women when they visualize their kitchens.

If your significant other is a woman who loves to cook and entertain, consider giving her the kitchen of her dreams. If you are a man who loves to do so, treat yourself. You can also use this list to compare your own kitchen dreams and then come up with a list of how you’d like your own kitchen to look after you have renovated it.

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