Maintain Bathroom Privacy and Natural Light With These Tips

Maintain Bathroom Privacy and Natural Light

Natural light in the bathroom opens up the space and provides a view to the outside. Unfortunately, there is a risk of accidental exposure if you have neighbors or traffic nearby. Whether you are designing a new space or trying to improve natural light and privacy in your existing bathroom, there are plenty of different solutions. Work within your budget to find a way to let the light shine in without the worry of losing freedom.

Add Window Coverings

Installing shutters, curtains, blinds, or shades is going to provide the privacy you desire, but also allow you to adjust the light that is coming in. Choose a style that adds to the decorative style of the bathroom and gives you control. Most options are very inexpensive, unless you choose a custom set of wood shutters.

Translucent Glass

Frosted or tinted glass allows light to come in, but no one will be able to see details inside. If the window is double-paned, consider translucent glass for the bottom with the top remaining clear.

Privacy Film

If budget is the biggest concern, consider applying inexpensive privacy film to the window itself. Some versions are sticky, but the best way to avoid any mess is to choose a product that adheres by static cling. It may be possible for anyone outside to see a clear silhouette so consider a film that features a pattern.

Glass Block Windows

Glass Block Windows

Gain privacy by creating the appearance of distorted silhouettes through glass blocks instead of a plain window. Not only does it increase the amount of natural light in the room, they improve security and insulation. It isn’t the least expensive option, but the installation isn’t incredibly expensive either.

Add High Windows or a Skylight

Creating a natural light source in the ceiling is the easiest way to avoid privacy issues. Installing a skylight or window near the ceiling is going to require a larger investment than a simple light tunnel. This feature provides light through a tunnel mounted to the roof that projects the light through a lens in the ceiling.

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