Is A Kitchen Desk A Smart Solution_

If you work from home or know someone who does, you know how difficult it is to juggle a home business workload without having to hop from room to room to find what you need to get through a work day.

With so many more people working from home these days and possibly commuting a few days a week as well, an in-home office has become almost a necessity for getting things done and tying up loose ends.

An office in a home was once thought of as a luxury but now it is more commonplace. Instead of a separate room in a large house, a home office is now usually situated in an area that is more conducive to other activities, which often turns out to be the kitchen. If a home doesn’t have a spare room or designated spot where there is access to a message board, an internet connection or charging capacities for iPhones, tablets, games, laptops and other devices, it is definitely going to be harder for any type of office to run smoothly.

Kitchen Designation

A kitchen office with a desk is a smart solution for any of your business and family needs, especially if there is no other area in your home that can function as an office. It is a good space to easily set up a kitchen desk, or a designated spot for a built-in with a desk, drawers, shelving, and a place for charging and posting messages and other information. Most modular desk sets come with sufficient power strips incorporated within them that are easily accessed for use with a number of gadgets. In addition, a built-in or modular setup will allow for protection of the various items that require charging from being exposed to kitchen grease, moisture and everyday spills, which can happen when different devices are charging on a countertop.

Kitchen Homework

A kitchen office also helps to facilitate homework completion. Placing food products on shelves and preparing food usually coincides with children completing school assignments, so it is a good place to both get food ready for dinner and monitor homework tasks. With a designated spot for homework activities, children are more likely to stay on task as well as ask questions if they need help with homework.

Easy to Stay Organized

A kitchen desk can be specifically designed to meet your needs and, at the same time, keep you organized. When kitchen countertops are used to store office related paperwork and personal items, things can quickly get jumbled, misplaced and piled under mounds of paper. It can be easy to stay organized when there is a central area in a kitchen that is set aside for only office related materials and devices.

Also, with an office being located in the kitchen, it is easier to check on last minute work details as well as watch what’s cooking on the stove without the worries of ruining breakfast, lunch or dinner.


There are drawbacks to utilizing a kitchen area as an office, particularly if a kitchen is smaller or the space available simply can’t accommodate a built-in office or modular arrangement. Too close of a fit can have everyone running into one another while trying to use the space at the same time.

Another problem is the possible mess from food debris, spitting oil, spilled drinks and food odors. Any desk area should definitely be situated away from a stove, microwave, sink and countertops. A poorly designed office area can definitely play havoc with office and school paperwork being soiled and damaged.

Added clutter in a desk area can easily pile up and create problems. If a desk isn’t designed right or made roomy enough for filing away materials and personal items, the paperwork can quickly accumulate. Limited drawer space and a lack of a closed off area for storage can make it difficult to deal with clutter overload.

If you are thinking about setting up a home office in your kitchen area but aren’t sure how to go about it, complete the online contact form and an expert in office design will get back to you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

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