How To Fix A Crack In Quartz Countertops

Your quartz countertops are the focal point of your kitchen and you have probably done everything you can to maintain and preserve their beauty, but damage can occur with sudden cracks or chips that mar that once pristine countertop, and you are left with trying to resolve its repair.

A first concern is how to handle the repair process and whether you should try to do it yourself or call in an expert to save you time and worry, but you realize it could get costly, so just where should you begin? There are answers, and any repair issue can be easily resolved by deciding which choice is right for your situation. The following options should give you an idea of what action to take.

Hire an Expert

Always check your countertop warranty and determine whether it covers repair work. If there is no coverage for your particular damage, whether a crack or chip, then any costs for repairs will hinge on the amount of actual damage. Any repair costs should be negligible in comparison to full countertop replacements or extensive and ongoing repairs.

When warranty coverage is available, an expert should be brought in to assess the damage and repair the crack, chip or other damage in question. When the damage is not covered and you don’t want to attempt your own repairs, consult with a professional repair person, get an estimate and decide whether you want to use their services.

Do your own Repairs

If you have decided to not take the professional repair route, with or without warranty coverage, there are certain steps that can followed to repair crack damage on your own. Cracks can go unnoticed with the right products, procedures and tools. Those steps or procedures should include:

Filler Material

The first step is to take a look at the area of the crack and figure out what kind of filler material should be used, and then pinpoint the crack’s exact location. If the area of the crack is on the horizontal surface of the quartz, a glue that is thinner should be used, and if the crack is on a vertical surface of the quartz, a glue that has a thicker consistency should be used.

Clean the Area

Before applying any fillers or other materials to fill the crack, the area should be cleaned with acetone and a soft cloth. Be sure and protect your eyes and skin with safety glasses and heavy gloves before proceeding. Also, cover any other surfaces that are near the area to prevent damaging spills. Once the area has been cleaned and the acetone has dried and evaporated, you can move on to the gluing procedure. Do not use other solvents that are high in alkaline or any cleaners that contain bleach or acids, as they could cause additional damage to quartz.

One Layer at a Time

Once the area of the crack is prepped, take the glue container and position the tip over the crack. Slightly squeeze the container until the glue oozes out towards the crack. Thinly layer the glue in stages and let the layers harden or cure before applying the next layer. Follow the container directions for drying time, which should be fairly fast, and continue layering the crack. The final layer should be allowed to dry slightly above the surface of the countertop.

Scraping and Shaving Excess

The last step in the process involves shaving away the excess glue to level out the area and make it even with the rest of the countertop. Take a razor knife or blade and hold it on an angle in order to scrape away the excess glue. Continue in a shaving motion until the surface of the crack is even with the countertop. Repeat the process by alternating on one side of the glued area to the other side until the surface is completely smooth. Complete the process lightly and methodically rather than forcing the movements, which could displace the glue.

Drying Time

Before wiping the surface area clean, let the glue completely dry for at least 24 hours. Wipe away any remaining residue.

Fixing a crack in a quartz countertop can be a time consuming process and if you need more information concerning repairs or just have general questions about the durability and maintenance of quartz, complete the online contact form, and a representative will get back to you with the answers you need.

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