Filthy Things in The Kitchen You Need To Clean Before Spring

We all have an idea of what we consider as a clean kitchen. There are many things in kitchens that people forget to clean, however. Now is the time for you to take a look around your kitchen and clean these areas where germs most like to hide. Here are some of the most overlooked areas that require your attention.

Kitchen Sponges

Nothing can be dirtier than kitchen sponges that remain sitting after you have used them to clean your counters and dishes. You should gather up your sponges and wash them in hot water regularly. You should also replace them fairly frequently as well.

Cabinet Doors and Handles

People may forget to clean their cabinet doors and handles. With multiple people opening the doors, transferring germs to the handles and making others sick is very easy to do. Try to remember to clean these regularly with a disinfecting cleaner. While you’re at it, don’t forget to also do the same thing for your refrigerator, dishwasher and oven doors and handles.

Tops of Cabinets and Refrigerators

The tops of cabinets and refrigerators are often forgotten since they are out of sight. Dust and grime can easily accumulate, building up over time. The dust can then circulate through the air, reducing your home’s air quality. It is a good idea to regularly clean off the dust and grime, and then to spray and wipe them down with a sanitizing cleanser. If you have a ceiling fan, you should make certain to clean the dust off the tops of the blades as well.

Spaces Between Appliances and Countertops

Another commonly overlooked area is the space between your appliances and your counters. When food particles fall down in that area, it can attract pests. You should regularly vacuum out and clean that area using attachments. Occasionally, take the time to pull your appliances out for a thorough cleaning underneath, behind and around them.

Grout on Tiled Backsplashes

Besides simply wiping down your tiled backsplashes, you should also regularly clean the grout between the tiles. This will not only help to keep them looking new, it will prevent mildew from growing there. You can use a cleaner that kills mold on the tile to prevent that problem from happening.

Small Kitchen Appliances and Components

People forget to clean out their coffee makers, toasters, blenders and other kitchen appliances. This allows bacteria to grow and can make you and your family sick. You should regularly clean all of your small kitchen appliances and their components. Coffee makers can be cleaned by running a vinegar and water solution through them, allowing it to percolate.

Spring cleaning is not the only time when you should think about cleaning all of these areas in the kitchen. You can keep your kitchen sparkling and inviting while also helping to keep illnesses at bay by cleaning these overlooked areas.

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