Choosing A Kitchen Island: What You Need To Know

Regardless of your kitchen’s shape or size, having additional counter space is always a welcome feature. When you add a kitchen island, you’ll enjoy extra space to prepare food, store items and add seating. An island also makes your kitchen more efficient and stylish.

You’ll want to select the right island to fit both your lifestyle and the room’s space.

Islands that are Built-In

If your kitchen functions as the meeting place of your home, choosing an island that stands out might be a good choice. You can customize a built-in island to get the look and design you want along with your desired amenities.

It can be used to complement your kitchen’s design scheme while providing a great place to store extra dishes, pots and pans or small appliances out of sight.

Islands for Smaller Spaces

If the space with which you have to work is small, having a built-in island can be too overwhelming. You can instead choose a smaller one that has open storage on the bottom of it. This can help your room look less cluttered while also giving you that added work area you want.

You can also add a towel bar to its side for utensils or dish towels.

Mobile Cart Islands

Another great option for you if you have a smaller kitchen is to choose a mobile cart island. These are inexpensive and can be wheeled out only when you need them.

You might want to choose a mobile cart that has a mixture of both closed and open storage features to get the most utility.

Kitchen Islands With Seating

You can turn your kitchen island into a place to gather by selecting one that comes with seating. This can allow you to use it as an added dining area, a place for kids to do their homework or an area where you can sit and relax over your coffee.

Repurposed Islands

If you have a vintage theme in your kitchen, repurposing an old butcher’s block, dresser or dining table can add just the right touch to your kitchen.

For a custom island, try restoring an aged piece to express your personal style.

Upgrading Islands

If you have an existing island that is outdated, you can always update it. You can choose a topical application for a cost-effective upgrade. Ideas include installing a new countertop, custom paneling or hardware. Adding new drawer fronts can also help transform the look of the island’s storage space.

You’ll want to make certain that you will have at least 36 inches of clearance around your kitchen island. This will allow you and others to easily move around it. If you will be including seating, make certain to take that into consideration and add some additional room to your calculation.

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