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Available colors & finishes

The blues and creams of azurite granite with darker veining create an elegant contrast in any room. However, you are not limited to using azurite granite inside your home as it is also rated for outdoor application, like landscaping and outdoor kitchens. The stone is quarried in Brazil and could be the perfect finishing touch for your decorating project.

Azurite Granite Designer Thoughts

Bring out the dark veins of azurite granite with black cabinets for a stunning effect in your kitchen. You can also add coffee-colored vanities and accents in your bathroom to bring out the amber and gold that runs through the stone. A stainless-steel counter with an azurite granite backsplash in your outdoor kitchen will create a woodsy-outdoor look or consider the stone to line your raised garden.

Keep In Mind

Always use a cutting board on granite. Although it is durable, it can scratch with consistent knife marks. It can also damage your knives. Clean granite with a mild soap and water. Granite floors should be swept each day to remove grit brought in on shoes. Place entrance mats at doorways to catch as much dirt as possible. Always use trivets and hot pads instead of placing pans directly from the stove on the counter. Although granite is very heat resistant, grit on the bottom of your pans could cause scratches.

If you are considering azurite granite for your home or business, contact us today by phone or through the easy query form online to learn more. Our helpful sales associates can guide you through the process and help you choose the perfect natural stone.


Primary Color(s) : Blue

Other Industry Names(AKA) : N/A

Stone Type : Granite

Country : Brazil

Available Finishes: Polished

Variations : High

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Available Sizes

Slabs & Countertops

Size: 2 CM3 CM




Residential / Commercial

Countertops : Yes

Flooring : Yes

Wall / Backsplash : Yes

Freezing Climate : Yes

Exterior Usage : Yes

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