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Available colors & finishes

Imported from India, Astoria granite has a deep cream background with veins of gray and browns that resemble chocolate. It is very durable and can withstand both extreme cold and heat so it is perfect for outdoor use as well as indoor.

Astoria Granite Designer Thoughts

Astoria granite works well with dark wood cabinets, like mahogany or cherry as the dark wood of the cabinet pulls out the chocolate veins in the granite. Add a white, subway tile backsplash and stainless steel appliances for a warm look in your kitchen. Pair dark wood butcher block counters with distressed white cabinets and an Astoria backsplash for an interesting look. In your bathroom, add a round undermount white sink with the granite as well as small, multi-color subway tiles as a backsplash for an interesting combination.

Keep In Mind

Clean all spills immediately as there are substances that can cause stains, like coffee or wine. Use a soft sponge or cloth with mild soap to clean your granite to avoid damaging the surface. Use soap sparingly as repeated use can cause build-up and dull the look of the granite. Use trivets and hot pads even though heat will not damage the counter. Grit trapped on the bottom of a pan can cause scratches. Be sure to use cutting boards as well. If you install granite floors, dry mop them regularly and place rugs or mats throughout the room to keep grit from the bottom of shoes from scratching the floor.

If you are considering adding natural stone in your home, whether in a kitchen, outdoor living space or bathroom, contact our helpful staff today by phone or online. They can help you choose the stone that best suits your needs.


Primary Color(s) : Beige

Other Industry Names(AKA) : Crema Astoria,Ivory Chiffon ,Ivory Creme,Kashmir Creme,Millennium Cream

Stone Type : Granite

Country : India

Available Finishes: Polished

Variations : MEDIUM

NSF Certified®

Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified®

Available Sizes

Slabs & Countertops

Size: 2 CM3 CM, 3CM, 112X26X2CM






Residential / Commercial

Countertops : Yes

Flooring : Yes

Wall / Backsplash : Yes

Freezing Climate : Yes

Exterior Usage : Yes

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