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Natural Stone Countertops in Warren County

Natural Stone, Timeless Beauty

Kitchens have become the preferred entertaining area for hosted dinner parties and family gatherings. Updating your kitchen can help you to increase your home’s sense of warmth. Visualize your transformed kitchen with sleek, modern lines, polished granite flooring and beautifully engineered stone countertops.

When you make the right design choices using high-quality materials, your kitchen can be exactly the space you’ve imagined having. Renovating bathrooms and kitchens are also two of the best ways people can increase the returns on the investments they make in their homes if they decide to sell their homes.

Natural Stone Countertops in Warren County, New Jersey

There are multiple reasons that make granite countertops a perfect choice for most people. Granite is one of the strongest natural stone substances and can last for decades if it is properly sealed and maintained. This stone resists scratches, acids and the effects of high heat.

Granite comes in a broad variety of hues, allowing you to express yourself with color.

Quartz Countertops in Warren County, New Jersey

Quartz countertops are some of the very strongest and most durable countertop choices available on the market today. These are engineered to be impervious to stains. They also resist the application of acid and high temperatures.

Manufactured by combining ground quartz with pigment and strong resin, engineered stone countertops can be ordered in almost any shade and color. They add a combination of beauty and functionality to your kitchen.

We offer a variety of products from the following manufacturers:

Marble Countertops in Passaic County, New Jersey

Marble Countertops in Warren County, New Jersey

Because marble is very porous, it is best to install marble flooring and marble countertops in rooms that receive less traffic. Installing marble in bathrooms can lend a sense of luxury while also reflecting light to make your room look larger. Marble is a good natural stone choice for decorative touches around fireplaces or the tops of vanities as well.

We offer many other Natural Stone Products including:

Add Natural Stone

Modern Kitchen and Bath Designs in Warren County, New Jersey

At Flemington Granite, we are proud to have a team of some of the best professional designers in the business. Our designers can help you visualize the transformation of your home. We get to know your personality so we can suggest the designs that can add that personal touch.

Modern Kitchen and Bath Designs in Warren County, New Jersey

We are proud to serve the following areas in Warren County:

New Jersey
  • Allamuchy Township
  • Alpha Borough
  • Town of Belvidere
  • Blairstown Township
  • Franklin Township
  • Frelinghuysen Township
  • Greenwich Township
  • Hackettstown
  • Hardwick Township
  • Harmony Township
  • Hope Township
  • Independence Township
  • Knowlton Township
  • Liberty Township
  • Lopatcong Township
  • Mansfield Township
  • Oxford Township
  • Town of Phillipsburg
  • Pohatcong Township
  • Washington Borough
  • Washington Township
  • White Township

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

It’s no secret that the investment in a bathroom or kitchen remodel is a guarantee of a high return. We look forward to helping you make the most of your current space by giving you the freedom to combine your ideas with our resources. Feel free to get in touch with us at 908.782.7773 to set up a time to browse our showroom.

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