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Natural Stone Countertops in Sussex County

Natural Stone, Timeless Beauty

If you are looking for a great way to increase the return on your investment in a remodeling project, the best rooms to consider are your bathrooms or kitchen. Not only are these the two most important rooms in your home, updating their look and fixtures can actually increase the resale value of your home and you could recover between 90 and 100 percent of what the remodeling projects costs. Before deciding to remodel, however, there are a few things you should know.

Natural Stone Countertops in Sussex County, New Jersey

Granite counters are still the most popular for kitchens and baths, whether the project is located in a commercial or residential location. Granite brings a look of the outdoors inside and are considered an eco-friendly option if you are interested in reducing your carbon footprint. Granite is durable, resistant to chipping or scratching, especially if a sealer is applied properly. Because it is non-porous, granite resists bacteria and stains better than other types of natural stone. It is also possible to add another element of uniqueness to your remodeling project by installing granite flooring which has much of the same benefits as granite countertops.

Granite Countertops in Passaic County, New Jersey

Quartz Countertops in Sussex County, New Jersey

Like granite, quartz countertops are also durable and non-porous. Quartz products are actually engineered stone countertops with over 90 percent of the counter created from natural stone and the remaining portion made up of resins with pigment. The pigment allows you more options as far as color choices. In addition, engineered stone countertops are uniform, unlike granite or marble where no two slabs are alike. Quartz is also harder to chip or scratch than marble or granite.

We offer a variety of products from the following manufacturers:

Marble Countertops in Passaic County, New Jersey

Marble Countertops in Sussex County, New Jersey

There is no question that marble countertops add a touch of luxury and richness to any room. Used for centuries, marble stands the test of time. Although it is softer than quartz or granite, it is still resistant to scratching and breaking. Marble is non-porous as long as it is sealed properly, but it is possible that acidic materials like red wine or coffee could stain, so it is important to wipe up spills quickly. Not interested in marble countertops? Consider adding marble flooring in your kitchen or bathrooms for a rich, spa-like feeling.

We offer many other Natural Stone Products including:

Marble countertops in Edison, New Jersey

Modern Kitchen and Bath Designs in Sussex County, New Jersey

Today’s bathroom has many more options than what you had when you were younger. Adding marble flooring can create the feel of a luxurious spa. Simply add a steam shower or whirlpool tub to create the effect. Kitchens can also benefit from natural stone floors, whether you choose granite flooring or another type. Add a deep farmhouse sink, rich wooden cabinets and white appliances for a country-look or use black granite counters, stainless steel appliances and white cabinetry for a modern appearance in your kitchen.

Granite Countertops in Passaic County, New Jersey

We are proud to serve the following areas in Sussex County:

New Jersey
  • Andover Township
  • Byram Township
  • Crandon Lakes
  • Frankford Township
  • Green Township
  • Highland Lakes
  • Lafayette Township
  • Ogdensburg
  • Ross Corner
  • Springdale
  • Vernon Valley
  • Stillwater Township
  • Walpack Township
  • Andover
  • Byram Center
  • Franklin
  • Hamburg
  • Hardyston Township
  • Lake Mohawk
  • Montague Township
  • Sandyston Township
  • Sussex
  • Vernon Township
  • Whitehall
  • McAfee
  • Wantage Township
  • Branchville
  • Brighton
  • Fredon Township
  • Hampton Township
  • Hopatcong
  • Newton
  • Sparta Township
  • Stanhope
  • Pinkneyville
  • Vernon Center
  • Lake Mohawk
  • Glenwood
  • Quarryville

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

It’s no secret that the investment in a bathroom or kitchen remodel is a guarantee of a high return. We look forward to helping you make the most of your current space by giving you the freedom to combine your ideas with our resources. Feel free to get in touch with us at 908.782.7773 to set up a time to browse our showroom.

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